Destiny brings more than three thousand years of history and scripts of inspirations of faith

Israel was named as one of the trending destinations of 2019 according to an analysis carried out by the Kayak platform. The number of Brazilians increasingly seeking the country for a trip is also significant. And, for those who doubt, the destination has many attributes that make it so desirable: don't be fooled by its small size, the country is a giant when it comes to attractions, especially those related to religious tourism.

the trajectory of Israel walks with humanity itself, revealing more than three thousand years of history in very diverse itineraries that include archaeological ruins, beaches and a sophisticated cultural scene.

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The country is considered an essential destination for travelers in search of history and inspirations of faith, as it offers essential tours to understand the emergence of religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Israel can also be considered a true secular open-air museum, with emphasis on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, cities extremely rich in local culture and traditions. There are theaters, museums, basilicas, mosques and other sacred sites, such as the Western Wall, located in Jerusalem, to know and absorb.

Tel Aviv: Modernity and Jewish Tradition

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The city of Tel Aviv is very rich in culture, with a good dose of modernity. The historic part stands out in the Jewish quarter Neve Tzedek, and in the White City you can see up close the architectural features inspired by the renowned school Bauhaus.

Tel Aviv It also brings other interesting points for travelers, such as the city's historic train station complex and Carmel, an open-air market. Artsy inspirations also appear on the streets, bringing an air of modernity amidst so much history. In jaffa, we can find the St. Peter's Church and numerous ateliers and art galleries.

Religious Heritage in Jerusalem

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If there is one city that can be called the world capital of faith, it is Jerusalem, a sacred place for half of the world's population, that is, more than 4 billion Jews, Christians and Muslims. In which other city can you hear, at the same time, the animation of the ceremonies of Bar Mitzvah, the ringing of church bells and the chant that echoes from the minarets of the mosques?

Jerusalem has been the spiritual center of Judaism for 3,000 years, when King David made it the capital of Israel, in the place believed to have been the Eden's Garden. There, too, King Solomon built the first great Jewish temple, where the tablets of the Ten Commandments were kept.

The temple was destroyed by the Romans, but one wall remains, where Jews from all over the world come to pray – this is the Wailing Wall. Christians of the most diverse denominations also come to Jerusalem to know the places where, according to tradition, Jesus would have been. Tourism in the new part of the city brings in its itineraries points such as the Israel Knesset Parliament and the Holocaust Museum, while in the old part of the city, the Mount of Olives guarantees panoramic views from both parts.

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Still in the old part, you can find the ways of the cross, known as Via Dolorosa, up to the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. The Bazaar, overlooking the Dome of the Stone Mosque of Al-Aqsa, is considered essential for the itinerary of any traveler who seeks to understand a little more about Judaism.

For Brazilians who dream of meeting Israel, some companies have group itineraries to places like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as is the case with the agency Teresa Perez Tours. The company offers accredited Portuguese-speaking guides, transfers, tours and services, as well as tickets to attractions.

Photo: Teresa Perez Tours/ Publicity

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