Complete 2-day itinerary in one of the oldest cities in the world

If your time is short, but the desire to know Istanbul is immense, we help you not to miss the main city attractions, making the most of all the experiences that ancient Constantinople can offer you.

In two or three days it is possible to have a taste of both continents in a single trip, Istanbul it is at the exact location of the border between Europe and Asia, where the two continents are separated only by the small Bosphorus Strait.

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The agency guide in turkey specializes in welcoming Brazilians to the city, helping tourists to build itineraries and conducting tours with Portuguese-speaking guides. Whether your taste is more eastern or more western; the company and the city provide the ideal trip for you.

What to visit in Istanbul

Interior of the Hagia Sophia, built between 532 and 537. Photo: Jim Royal

A good tip is to always opt for tours that don't take all day. Some places are incredibly beautiful and huge, but a quick visit or a walk around or outside is enough to not go unnoticed. This is the case of the mosques and palaces, which in cities like this are in great numbers and you only need to see one to not miss the attraction.

Schedule a day to walk around the ancient city, where the Byzantine and Ottoman empires once existed. The current Hagia Sophia museum was once a church, orthodox basilica and mosque, as well as being considered the largest church in the world in the 6th century.

A few meters away, you can reach the Blue Mosque, so known for the blue tiles that adorn the walls inside. Here it is important to stick to visiting hours, since the place still works as a mosque and the hours for tourists are quite restricted.

In the sequence, it is possible to see 3 monuments in Sultanahmet Square: the Obelisk of Theodosius (built in the 4th century AD to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Thutmose III's throne), the Serpentine Column (built by the Greeks to commemorate the defeat of the Persian empire in 479 BC) and the Obelisk of Constantine (built in honor of Constantine VII).

A walk leads to the Grand Bazaar, the largest covered market in the world, where the tour will probably take longer and will include activities such as shopping, food and currency exchange – in fact, known as the best in town.

Reserve the last day for Istiklau Avenue, a famous promenade lined with trendy shops and restaurants, with small side streets that lead to charming cafes or tenements where brothels are open in daylight. Bookstores, galleries, cinemas, pubs and all the city's nightlife takes place here.

Going down the street and across the bridge, you arrive at the Galata Tower, a medieval stone-built tower located in a charming square.

Then go to the Spice Bazaar, also known as the Egyptian Bazaar, a few blocks from the tower.

Panoramic view of Istanbul. Photo: RURO photography

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