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Greece, Turkey and Italy are united by much more than cheap flights and incredible landscapes, over the centuries, the history of these three nations intersected, whether in the ancient Greek domination, in the Venetian colonies in the islands of Greece, or in the Turkish-Ottoman domination of the Balkans. But the contact and cultural exchange throughout history did not prevent each one from developing their own riches, beauties and particularities. Athens with its classical culture, influencing much of the western world, Istanbul with its Orthodox and Islamic mix, linking Asia and Europe and Rome, an important center of art with the Vatican and its buildings dating back to the Roman Empire. Check out this road map passing through the three countries.

THE Turkey It is the bridge that connects the West to the Middle East, today a republic, it was once home to countless empires, guards one of the oldest and most stunning cities in the world, Istanbul, in addition to providing exotic charms, such as the mountains of Cappadocia. A good option for us Brazilians, especially for those who do not speak Turkish, is to look for a company that offers tourist guides, such as tours in istanbul. Staying calm in order to explore the city, your itinerary cannot fail to include the Hagia Sophia. Built between 532 and 537, as a Cathedral of the Byzantine Empire, transformed into a Mosque during the Ottoman Empire, today it is a secular building, which houses an immeasurable architectural beauty, merging the most varied styles. Next to Hagia Sophia, you can already take the opportunity to visit the Blue Mosque, the largest in the city and one of the most important buildings in the classic Ottoman style.

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To close the list of must-see attractions in Istanbul, you need to know the Topkapi Palace, built after the conquest of Constantinople, Istanbul's former name, by the Ottomans. Nowadays, there are several exhibition halls with objects and works of art ranging from royal jewelry, silverware, thrones, silverware, clothing and even the prophet Muhammad's beard hairs. After Istanbul, you can close a package to visit Cappadocia and still fly over the mountains in a balloon flight. Whether at dawn or late in the afternoon, the breathtaking scenery is a guaranteed presence.

Separated into two halves, European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul, by the Bosphorus canal, you will find good options for accommodation and gastronomy on both sides. The Byzantium Suites Hotel with well-decorated rooms, minibar, spa, terrace and accommodation with panoramic views is an excellent opportunity to stay. It is very close to the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, which makes it easy to visit. Turkish cuisine, with its flavor and tradition that spans the ages, provides delights for tourists. To experience good food, Beso Bistro Restaurante is a good option, with its menu that rescues the tradition of Ottoman cuisine from the 14th and 15th centuries.

From Istanbul it is possible to find low cost flights to Athens from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, in Istanbul, on one of the flights operated by Pegasus companies. Other companies that charge cheap are Aegean and Turkish Airlines, with flights departing from the Turkish capital's main airport, Istanbul Atatürk. The average price is around R$ 600, and flights usually last 01h40.

Istanbul – Turkey. Photo: Pedro Szekely

After a day of sightseeing, the Lozenge hotel is a good option for a break. With free WiFi, modern-style decor, a flat-screen TV and even a coffee shop, Hotel Lozenge also offers bicycle rental and transfers to Athens Airport. In addition, it is very close to several excellent restaurants and cafe. Like the Electra Roof Garden restaurant, which is located inside the Electra Palace Athens hotel on the fifth floor. With an air of aristocracy, tourists can taste a little contemporary Greek cuisine, with the view of the Acropolis as a gift.

Athens – Greece. Photo: Andy Montgomery

Athens – Greece. Photo: David Millican

To finish off your destination, departing from Athens International Airport, you can opt for one of the cheap flights to Rome, Italy. The service is offered by companies such as Alitalia, Aegean and Ryanair, all departing from Athens International Airport to Ciampino Airport, in the Italian capital, the most used by low-cost companies. The average of flights is R$ 250, with an approximate flight time of 02h.

Arriving in the Italian capital, the easy airport transfer service and car rental can be at the expense of Elmocar, a company specialized in services. In the city, the highlights that need to be on your itinerary is, for example, a visit to the Roman Coliseum. The ancient gladiator fighting arena, which often involved exotic animals, is an architectural landmark that has survived from the time of the Roman Empire. Its former capacity for 70,000 people makes the construction even more impressive. Afterwards, a trip to Villa D'Este will conquer you with its gardens and fountain, which make the place almost a Secret Garden. Symbol of Italian Renaissance architecture, the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can still explore magnificent caves and fountains scattered throughout the terrain.

Peace of mind when resting is at the Magic Guest House hotel, which offers accommodation in the center of Rome, very close to metro stations and tourist attractions. Rooms with TV, free WiFi and hairdryer, you can even choose a room that offers you a beautiful view of the city. The art of Italian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world and you can't help but enjoy as many restaurants as possible. A delicious snack with all the flavors of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine can be found at Birra e Sale, near the Museum of Rome. The place sells sausages, craft beers, cold cuts and paninis. With fresh ingredients always available in the food and for sale, such as cheeses and salami, the place is full of food to enjoy the flavors of Rome.

Rome Italy. Photo: Regan Gilder

Rome Italy. Photo: via Flickr – JRE313

THE route through these three countries allows you to discover the most varied forms and particularities of some of the most exuberant Mediterranean cultures. Between colors, flavors and a lot of history, the road map in between Turkey, Greece and Italy worth a lot.

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