Check out a Miami itinerary for you to enjoy your stay even more and get away from the city's mainstream

Miami It's that city in the United States that is known to everyone. We know the main attractions such as the bustling nightlife, the famous beaches, boat trips, the great fast foods and also the famous outlets, which allow beautiful shopping. The city is also famous for being just one way to Orlando, home of Disney and other famous parks such as Universal.

The Latin influence in the city is also very strong, the place is the scene of much reggaeton and opens its doors to Spanish speakers. But in order to really delve into this mix of cultures in the city, we have separated some curiosities for you that will make your trip much more interesting. Check out this itinerary in miami and discover where to go and what to visit in the destination.

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Botanical Garden

Photo: Jorge Elias / Flickr

The United States has five botanical gardens in total, most of which are in the State of Hawaii, with the exception of one in Miami. THE The Kampong, is located in Coconut Grove and was the former home of botanist David Fairchild, who explored Asia in search of new plants and species to bring to the United States.

This is one of best places to visit in miami, because it has a collection of fruits, flowers, different trees, bamboos and much more. At the site, the typical Brazilian species “Vitória Régia” already appears in the cover photos, showing that the garden shelters and protects plants from different parts of the world such as: Asia, South America, Central America and other tropical areas.

To visit, just check the schedule and schedule a tour. With the visit, it is possible to discover the Baobab tree, originally from Tanzania, which produces a fruit that tastes like peanut butter. The tree is about 50 tons and is open to the public, so don't miss this opportunity.

Coral Castle Museum

Photo: Creative Commons CC0

THE Coral Castle Museum it's a place to combine curious stories with a little romance. The castle was built by Edward Leedskalnin alone between 1923 and 1951, is located in Homestead and contains over a ton of limestone in its construction.

The place is literally a castle, it has a slightly aged appearance due to time, but it has a garden with various shapes of stones around it.

To make you curious, Edward built the castle for his lover, who left him the day before the wedding. Therefore, the environment is now a preservation museum that tells the story of this love. It is certainly one of the best destinations for those who want to know different things and escape the mainstream from Maimi.

Departure from Jai-Alai  

Photo: Ebaki / Wikimedia Commons

If you really want to discover new things, the best thing is to go watch a game of Jai-Alai. This sport is known for its speed and involves a match inside a walled space, where the ball will bounce. Players throw balls at high speed and use baskets, equipment suitable for the match.

The rules can be a little difficult for those who don't follow the sports world much, but in a game the energy of the participants infects the whole environment. If you like betting, maybe you don't have fun with the back and forth of the games.


Photo: jodylehigh / Pixabay

If you've seen everything there is to see in the city, why not take a road trip and explore further afield? Our first indication is Sanibel Island, which is located 3 hours from Miami. The island offers several options for accommodation, in addition to having an elaborate menu with seafood in its restaurants. The main activities are fishing and boating.

Soon after, in your travel itinerary you have to be Ginnie Springs. The place is privately owned and offers a variety of adventures such as canoeing, hiking, diving, camping and much more. Prices vary according to age group and for more information, just consult the schedule. Ginnie Springs is located 580 km from Miami.

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