Combining both regions in a single itinerary through the south of France is to make the most of the best tourism in that country

Getting to know the Riviera is a mandatory tour when we talk about a tour in the south of France. Also known as Blue Coast, the region comprises an area stretching from Toulon to the Italian border. Cities like sunny Nice, which combines sea and mountains, cannes, home to one of the most famous film festivals in the world, and Saint-Tropez, with its popular beaches, are part of this beautiful region.

In fact, along its entire length we find paradisiacal beaches. bathed by Mediterranean Sea, a riviera is a reference of glamor and luxury in Europe. It is in this region that the Principality of monaco, famous for its natural beauty and its casinos. In addition to annually hosting one of the most popular events of the Formula 1 GP.

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also to the south of france is the charming region of provence, which runs from Aix-en-Provence to Nice. As it is an area that is confused with the riviera, combine both regions into a single route through southern France is to make the most of the best tourism in that country.

provence offers excellent gastronomy, in addition to enogastronomic tourism, as it has numerous wine routes through its picturesque villages. Not to mention that the region hides small towns with very narrow medieval streets and numerous lavender fields, which are highly sought after by tourists who want to know the local beauties.

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What to do on the French Riviera?

As in any tourist part of the world, there is plenty to do in French Riviera. Dozens of cities are part of this extensive territorial strip, offering paradisiacal beaches, tourist attractions focused on art, casinos and luxurious tours on yachts.

Once in Monaco, the tip is to visit one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area: the Casino de Montecarlo. It is possible to get to know it by spending just the entrance fee, something around 10 euros. The outside area of the palace that houses the casino is one of the most beautiful postcards of the principality.

In Nice, we can enjoy a guided tour of the 14 works of art that mark the Tramway (VLT) route. Some of them give a unique luminosity to the city's nightlife. All the works of the circuit together constitute the most important collection of artistic works of a municipality in the France.

As mentioned above, the Cannes Film Festival is the most popular event in this French city. Therefore, visiting the Palais des Festivals, the palace where the event takes place, is a must. With extra time on your schedule, the tip is to go on a 20-minute boat tour to the Lérins Islands. The place offers an unparalleled beauty, with quiet sandy paths and rocky coves.

Meanwhile, Saint-Tropez messes with the minds of many people who do not give up a popular coastal destination. Summer is usually very disputed and busy. Not only for people, but also for yachts in its port. The city retains the characteristic charm of the region, with its narrow streets. Highlight for a 16th century fortress called La Citadelle, where we have a panoramic view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. 6 km from the center is the most famous beach in Saint-Tropez: Pampelonne Beach.

Nice. Photo: Kristoffer Trolle

Cannes. Photo: Frinkiac

Saint Tropez. Photo: Ruediger Gros

How to get to the French Riviera?

The city of Nice has the second largest airport in the France, operating national and international flights. Therefore, it is an excellent way to reach the region from Paris or other countries that have a direct flight there. The low cost company EasyJet has routes to Nice from several European cities.

There are also high-speed trains departing from Paris and making this journey in 5h30. But if you want to use a car, it's a 2-hour drive from Aix-en-Provence, in the provence, via the A8 motorway. Thus, your tour will combine precisely the two regions: Provence and Riviera.

What to do in Provence?

Continuing our tour of the south of France, we arrive in the region of provence. And one of its most visited cities is not known to the general public and is not even in the international news. This is Aix-en-Provence, dotted with lavender and sunflower fields, charming medieval alleys and many historic buildings. In fact, some of Paul Cézanne's masterpieces were inspired by Aix-en-Provence. The village is just 33 km from Marseille.

Nearby Cassis is another charming town in provence, having as a strong point its cliffs, calanques, wines and the restaurants lined up in front of the city's port. As beautiful as Cassis is Uzès, which is already 141km away from Marseille. Uzès offers towers and Renaissance buildings in its narrow alleys.

but the heart of provence is the city of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. The small and charming town is a stronghold for artists and also home to numerous art galleries. St Remy housed the genius Vincent Van Gough in one of its psychiatric institutions. It was there that Van Gough painted some of his most famous works. One of the tourist attractions in the city is the archaeological site of Glanum, with ruins from the period of Roman domination in the Provencal region.

Sunflower fields in Aix en Provence. Photo: Yen Chiao

Cassis. Photo: Rémi Avignon

St. Paul de Mausole in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Photo: Flickr – nikidel

How to get to Provence?

The city of Marseille is the point of reference for those who want to arrive directly in the region of provence. By plane, the flight time from Paris is 1h15. There are regular flights operated by Air France from Paris-Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports.

The TGV Mediterranean (high-speed train) connects Paris Gare de Lyon to Marseille Saint-Charles in just 3 hours. By car, the A6 and A7 motorways link the capital Paris to Marseille over a distance of 750 km.


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