Travel and be amazed by the beauties and main sights of the Provence region in the south of France

The sun shines 300 days a year in the incomparable region of provence, in the south of France, and illuminates its beautiful green hills, vineyards and lavender fields. Wrapped in a rustic and bucolic atmosphere, the region is the perfect destination to admire scenery composed of charming medieval villages, exuberant nature, a cuisine full of flavors and an incredible historical heritage.

It was no wonder that the region served as inspiration for the painters Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Vasarély and Léger, who immortalized Provencal settings full of colors and contrasts in their most valuable works. all in provence impresses, enchants and deserves to be appreciated without haste, like a true work of art in the open.

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We have prepared a guide with cities, attractions and must-see sights that you cannot miss on a trip to the beautiful provence.

Marseille / Cassis

The city of marseille It is the point of reference for those who want to arrive directly in the region and has good accommodation options. By plane, the flight time from Paris is 1h15. There are regular flights operated by Air France from airports Paris-Orly and Charles de Gaulle.

THE TGV Mediterranean (high-speed train) turn on Paris Gare de Lyon The Marseille Saint-Charles in just 3 hours. By car, the A6 and A7 highways connect the capital Paris The marseille over a distance of 750 km.

Dedicate at least a day to find out marseille and to know the Vieux Port, the old port of the city that has more than 3500 years and an incredible promenade. The city has several must-see museums, such as the Museum of Civilizations in Europe and the Mediterranean, an amazing architectural project. Another point that cannot be missed is the Notre Dame Basilica, a true landmark of the city. THE Marseille Castle d'If, built between 1527 and 1529, was the one that inspired the book “O Conde de Montecristo”.

In marseille, the neighbor Cassis is another charming town in the provence, having as a strong point its cliffs and calanques, which are species of large canyons that open up to stretches of crystalline and bluish sea. You can see them from above and then dive into their stunning blue waters.

Marseille. Photo: reflowfish / Pixabay

Cassis. Photo: danfador / Pixabay

Aix de Provence

Located just 33 kilometers from marseille it is Aix de Provence, one of the most charming French cities. The village is home to one of the most famous streets in the country, the Cours Mirabeau, which features beautiful trees and water fountains that make up a setting of pure charm. Endowed with fields of lavender and sunflowers, medieval alleys and many historic buildings, the city was the inspiration for some of the masterpieces of Paul Cezanne.  

As it is located in the center of provenance, aix It is a great base city for visiting other destinations in the region.

Aix de Provence. Photo: Ladislaus Hoffner / Pixabay

Avignon / Les Baux-de-Provence / Arles

Avignon is about 70 kilometers from Aix de Provence. Known as the “City of Popes”, it carries more than two thousand years of history in its streets. The city was the residence of the Popes for many years, so be sure to visit one of the main and most imposing attractions in the city, the Palace of the Popes. The beautiful building is the largest Gothic palace in Europe.

Just over forty minutes by car from Avignon this one is Les Baux-de-Provence. The city is a mandatory stop and one of the most unusual places you will visit in France. The small village, today without residents, is on top of a mountain and the little houses blend in and blend in with the stones. THE Chateau des Baux it is an old fortress that offers wonderful views of vineyards and olive groves, many of which inspired paintings by Cézanne and Van Gogh.

In Avignon for arles it's only 34 minutes. The city is steeped in history and preserves an intact Roman heritage. THE arles arena, stage of gladiator fights in the past, is very well preserved and is currently used for concerts and events. the ruins of Roman Theater from the city is very close to the Arena and is a must visit. Arles was also depicted in many of Van Gogh's paintings.

Avignon. Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pxhere

Les Baux de Provence. Photo: Henri Bergius / Wikimedia Commons

Arles. Photo: Falco / Pixabay

Pont du Gard / Nimes / Uzès

Located just half an hour from Avignon, a Pont du Gard It is an imposing Roman construction from the 1st century. At 49 meters high, it is the oldest and tallest bridge in the world. Another half hour on the road and you arrive at Nimes, a Roman, medieval and contemporary city. From the beautiful fountains of the 19th century, when it was a thriving industrial city, to its majestic intact Roman temple, one of the famous monuments that are a heritage of Rome, everything enchants there.

On this route, it is worth getting to know the beautiful Uzès, which is just 25 kilometers from Nimes. This beautiful village has an arcaded square, the place des herbes, where a weekly market is held. The village is also home to the country's only circular bell and a beautiful castle.

Pont du Gard. Photo: kirkandmimi / Pixabay

Nimes. Photo: Wolfgang Staudt / Wikimedia Commons

Uzès. Photo: peter_curb / Flickr


Less than 50 kilometers from Avignon  They are luberon. It is not a city, but a region that contemplates a Natural Regional Park and 66 small villages. In luberon you will find magnificent lavender fields, a bucolic climate and some of the most beautiful French stone villages that still maintain many traditions, such as the production of wine, olives and cheese. Roussillon, fat, Lourmarin and Ménerbes are some of the beautiful medieval cities that reserve incredible scenery and can be visited in less than a day. There are castles, churches, alleys and bridges that contrast with the gray colors with an enchanting nature. Château la Canorgue, in fat, is the place where scenes of A good year, film starring the actor Russell Crowe and worth a visit.

luberon. Photo: Sartorio_Laurent / Pixabay

Valensoles / Gorges du Verdon

from the region of luberon even the famous Gorges du Verdon it is just under 150 kilometers and the path passes through several lavender fields. Valensole Plateau is the ideal city to be dazzled by the beautiful aromatic flowers in shades of lilac that, in contrast to the wheat plantations, form one of the most incredible landscapes you will see in provence. Lavenders start to bloom at the end of June, so, for those who want to see the colorful fields, it is good to plan to travel during this period.

Following the signs towards Gorges du Verdon, you will arrive at one of the most incredible natural attractions in France. It is the deepest canyon in Europe, it is about 700 meters deep. There, visitors can contemplate its beautiful waters of a spectacular shade of green until arriving at a waterfall. The scenery looks like a dream!

Gorges du Verodn. Photo: MissEJB / Pixabay

Valensole. Photo: nax83 / Pixabay

If you want to discover the most beautiful cities and tourist attractions in provence, a tip is to extend your route and also explore the French Riviera. Known as Blue Coast, the region comprises an area ranging from toulon to the border with Italy and passes through cities like nice, cannes and Saint-Tropez. Combining the two regions in a single itinerary through the south of the country is to make the most of your trip! check here tips for a unique itinerary through the south of France.

Did you like the tips? If you have already done this route through the beautiful region of provence, in the south of France, share your experiences with us. Going for the first time? Then meet the agency France among Friends, a receptive company based in France and specialized in receiving Brazilians in the country, which will make your tour something even more complete.


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