Municipality of Baixada Santista, there is a little more than 100 km of Sao Paulo, is one of the most popular destinations for residents of the capital of São Paulo who descend by the hundreds on long holidays, especially at the turn of the year.

This popularity is not unfounded. The city is very well structured, with hundreds of hotels and inns, a vibrant nightlife and beaches for all tastes, from the most crowded to the most remote and less known, the guarujá has everything. Due to its location so close to the capital of São Paulo, it is the perfect destination for the famous weekend “hit and return”.

Here, we separate 4 beaches away from the chaos of the big city to discover in a weekend in Guarujá.

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Weekend itinerary in Guarujá

Pernambuco beach

Photo: Fulvio Porto

Just after the famous Praia da Enseada is one just as beautiful but not as visited. Praia de Pernambuco, despite receiving many tourists, is still not enough for umbrellas to cover the sand. 2 km of fine white sand, perfect sea for water sports, especially surfing as the waves reach 3 meters high, high compared to other beaches in the region. When the tide is high, the sea at Praia de Pernambuco almost joins Praia do Mar Casado, forming a single beach and transforming Morro do Mar Casado into Ilha do Mar Casado.

Just 1.6 km from the coast is a natural relic that few beaches have the privilege of having. It is the island of groves, famous locally and visited daily by hundreds of tourists who visit the city. Visitation is monitored and the island is fully self-sustainable.

Eden beach

Photo: Luiz Felipe Sahd

Next to Praia de Pernambuco is one of the few preserved corners of the coast of São Paulo. Many consider it the most beautiful in the region, it has clear and greenish waters of calm sea, a strip of sand of a little more than 100 meters and with an isolated beach feel. There is not much tourist structure in Praia do Eden, with only one bar on site. To help with this illusion of isolation, access to the beach is not exactly easy, to reach this natural refuge you have to face a small moderate trail of about 20 minutes of walking and then the more than 100 steps of an irregular staircase in the middle of vegetation. But the view once you get there is worth the effort.

Access is via the Guarujá-Bertioga road going up the Morro do Sorocotuba track.

White Beach

Photo: via Flickr – fabricioesf

1300 meters of cove, a bipolar sea with calm waters on one side and strong waves on the other. Prainha Branca has white and soft sand that resembles the beaches of Paraty and is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. One of the last remaining caiçara villages, Prainha Branca has a wild aspect, which it has been losing over the years with the increase in tourism. There are craft and food stalls and the only options for lodging are camping and simple inns, if you are looking for a more natirut tour this is the ideal destination.

To access the beach it is necessary to face a light trail of about 30 minutes, very well signposted and with parking lots close to the entrance. Take the opportunity to visit Praia Preta and Camburi. Access is by trail leaving Prainha Branca, about 300 meters to Praia Preta and 800 meters to Camburi. There is also a waterfall there.

Iporanga beach

Photo: Daniel B

The “secret” beach of Guarujá is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Bertioga channel, at the eastern end of Santo Amaro Island. As an Environmental Protection Area (APA) Praia do Iporanga is one of the few parts of the Atlantic Forest completely preserved in the Baixada Santista. It is a sandy beach but with crystalline and calm waters, where a waterfall and a stream, which forms natural pools, coexist in harmony with the waves of the sea.

It is located inside a condominium and is protected by the Iporanga Owners Association, which limits access, focusing on the sustainability of the place. Only 38 cars are allowed in the parking lot at a time and after the sun goes down no one else can enter, so to guarantee a spot it is advisable to arrive early. But those who arrive on foot will have no problem. Another measure to ensure the conservation of the beach is the ban on street vendors. The tip for those who want to spend the day at Praia do Iporanga is to take a snack, and pay attention to the marked trash cans.

Another attraction of the secret beach of guarujá is bird watching. 150 species of birds have already been cataloged in the region.

Now that you know that natural paradises are not so far away, how about planning a weekend in Guaruja?

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