The eastern region of the State of Tocantins has been receiving more and more tourists thanks to the beauties and attractions that the Jalapão State Park the fight. The place had a notable increase in tourists soon after the premiere of the telenovela “O Outro Lado do Paraíso”, a plot by the Globo network that had some episodes recorded in the destination.

With the current growth of tourism in the municipality of Mateiros (place that concentrates the vast majority of attractions in the park), the city hall established a new law that allows the collection of a rate of R$20.00 per tourist for each day spent at the destination.7

The law that comes into force at the beginning of 2018 will also affect people who explore tourist attractions in the municipality, who will be required to pay R$300 referring to the Rate Annual Inspection and Promotion of Sustainable Tourism, which will be linked to the issuance of a license for the operation of tourist attractions.

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According to some residents and tourism professionals, the measure has generated great dissatisfaction among the population and tourists who come to rate as something negative for the region's economy. Unlike Fernando de Noronha, who also charges fees of permanence in the national park, Mateiros still does not have an adequate infrastructure to receive tourists. The charge, in addition to being disproportionate to the structure offered by the city hall, has worried the professionals of the municipality who fear a drop in the number of visitors next year.

According to the Municipal Secretary of Tourism, Heberson Martins, the rate will value the local labor and make the monetary resource remain in the city. the money of rate will be used to pay for the mandatory visa insurance for the visitor and for the preservation and maintenance of the environment.

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