Japan will have bullet train capable of reaching 603 km/h by magnetic levitation, connecting the cities of Tokyo and Osaka in less than 2 hours

With futuristic design, Japan's newest train has arrived to break a record and become the fastest bullet train in the world. Divided into 16 wagons and with a capacity for 1000 passengers, the SC Maglev can reach up to 603 km/h.

The country's main railway company, Central Japan Railway, confirmed that it intends to inaugurate the train on the Tokyo – Nagoya route in 2027. In addition to being the world's fastest bullet train, it will be able to float through a magnetic conduction system.

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The new route will have stops in the cities of Shinagawa, Sagamihara, Kofu, Iida and Nakatsugawa, and will be made 80% underground. The company also announced that it wants to expand the line to Osaka, to make it possible to connect Tokyo and Osaka in less than 2 hours.

A prototype of the future Japanese magnetic levitation train was tested and reached 590 km/h. In the test, the train pulverized its own record of 590 km/h, traveling more than 10 km per minute or 170 meters per second.

This does not mean, however, that the SC Maglev will run at 603km/h. In fact, it will reach a maximum of 500km/h to ensure travel safety.

The objective of the test was to prove the stability of this means of transport, even at a speed much higher than that foreseen for the commercial service.


To better understand the visionary project, check out an explanatory video about the SC Maglev:

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