Rare moment of jellyfish swimming peacefully through the crystal clear canal of Venice was filmed by a zoologist and enchanted people around the world. Watch: 

A jellyfish was filmed floating in a crystal-clear Venice canal last week and delighted residents of the Italian city. The video was recorded by the zoologist Andrea Mangoni close to the Bareteri bridge, one of the most popular places for tourists. 

The jellyfish swam peacefully through the city's waters, which are clearer since the quarantine was decreed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Despite looking cleaner, experts say visibility has improved because there are less boat traffic in the channels, allowing the substrate to remain concentrated at the bottom.

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venice jellyfish

Photo: Playback / Youtube

The water now looks clearer because there is less traffic in the channels, allowing the sediment to remain at the bottom.” told CNN last month a spokesperson for the city of Venice. 

Jellyfish, as it is popularly known, can also be called jellyfish. It is an invertebrate animal of the cnidarian group.

Watch the video of the jellyfish floating in the crystal clear waters of Venice:

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