If you are planning to travel to João Pessoa, you need to check out our tips on the 10 most recommended restaurants in the capital of Paraíba

It is undeniable that knowing the local cuisine deepens the travel experience. So if you are planning to travel to João Pessoa, you need to check out this list with tips on the 10 most recommended restaurants of fate.

In this way, you will know where to try the delights of Northeastern cuisine and, to top it off, you will discover amazing restaurants that, in addition to cozy and beautiful environments, offer a very special service.

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THE gastronomy is, for sure, one of the highlights of Jampa – as the capital of Paraíba is known – and cannot be left out of your travel itinerary. So, prepare your notebook, write down our tips and choose which of these places you will visit in João Pessoa.

Find out which are the 10 most recommended restaurants in João Pessoa

Comrade Shrimp

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Located at Mag Shopping, in the Manaíra district, the restaurant Comrade Shrimp It is a place for those who want to enjoy all the flavors of the sea. It is located at the entrance to the mall's waterfront and has a rustic, informal and elegant atmosphere. A perfect place for those looking for sophistication and excellent gastronomy in João Pessoa.

The menu consists of traditional dishes from the northeast, such as acarajé, and several options of fish and seafood. Shrimp, as the restaurant's name suggests, has a guaranteed place on the menu, from appetizers to main dishes. To top it off, Camarada Camarão has delicious desserts, including sweets from the Northeastern cuisine, and refreshing drinks to make the experience at the place even better.

book garden


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Sophistication and a lot of contact with nature, that's what you'll find when visiting book garden, in João Pessoa. Located in Manaíra, the restaurant is a haven in the capital of Paraíba, full of vegetation and tables in gardens that guarantee a lot of tranquility to enjoy delicious dishes.

Very eclectic, the Reserve Garden's menu includes snacks and sweets for coffee and quick snacks. In addition, it has executive dishes from Monday to Friday, feijoadas on Saturdays and an exquisite menu for special occasions, with starters, pasta and risottos.

The space is wide and the Reserve Garden is more than a restaurant. It's a place to go and enjoy. Therefore, the tip is that you take the time to get to know the whole place and try its delights.


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Also in Manaira, the mangai It is one of most recommended restaurants in João Pessoa. And it's not hard to understand why. In addition to delicious dishes, based mainly on northeastern cuisine, the place has well decorated and very cozy environments.

Among the highlights of the menu at Mangai João Pessoa, are the Carne de Sol com Nata, the Arroz de Queijo, the Baião de Dois, the Pernil de Bode and the Buchada. The restaurant also serves various types of tapioca, salads and fish, as well as a variety of drinks. To top it off, Mangai has its own bakery and offers more than 30 dessert recipes and 25 snack options.

Cutting board

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Specializing in Northeastern cuisine, the Cutting board is another excellent option restaurant in João Pessoa. It is close to Tambaú beach and works with the a la carte system.

The highlight of the menu at Cutting board is the dried meat, present in most dishes. Other highlights are the filet mignon de sol, the precocious lamb and the surubim. To accompany, traditional ingredients of the Northeastern cuisine complete the menu, such as the cheese mush, cassava and plantain. And, of course, the typical desserts are made with regional fruits.

Gulliver Mar Restaurant

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Focusing on international cuisine specializing in seafood, the Gulliver Mar Restaurant It is located in the Cabo Branco district, very close to the beach. So, if you want to try delicious dishes overlooking the sea, this is one of the best options in João Pessoa.

With a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere, the restaurant has more than 50 options of dishes on the menu, ranging from seafood and fish to meats and varied salads. In addition, Gulliver Mar has a special Low Carb menu and another for children.

The W Restaurant

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situated in neighborhood of manaira, The The W Restaurant It is a great option to taste delicious dishes and enjoy the view of the sea. The restaurant has refined decor and has cozy indoor and outdoor environments.

Focused on the artisanal preparation of meals, the place privileges the use of fresh ingredients, coming from local suppliers. The menu is varied, with options of seafood, meat and pasta. Among the highlights are the Carpaccio de Carne, the Pescado Del Juan, the Pescado à W and the Risotto Di Mare.

NAU Seafood JP

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From the same family as the Mangai, the Seafood Ship is one of 10 most recommended restaurants in João Pessoa. There are two units in the capital of Paraíba, one close to Manaíra beach and another at Manaíra Shopping.

The most famous dishes are the Shrimp Nau, the Fish Fillet with Sauteed Shrimp and the Shrimp and Fish Moqueca. Despite being focused on seafood, Nau's menu also has meat, chicken and salad options. It is worth trying the Filet Barlavento, made with filet mignon medallions with funghi secchi sauce and creamy rice with coalho cheese and red potatoes.

Porto Restaurant

Located in Cabo Branco, the Porto Restaurant is one of the most exquisite in João Pessoa. Installed in a beautiful house, the restaurant has sophisticated environments and tables distributed between the internal and external areas.

Inspired by Northeastern cuisine, the menu at Porto Restaurant favors dishes with seafood and dried meat. An example is the Shrimp with Gorgonzola and Apricot Jelly. Other highlights of the restaurant's menu are Asian Salmon and Feijoada, served every Saturday.


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Hidden away in the Manaíra neighborhood, Quintal Restô is a pleasant surprise for those who visit it. The place has a more intimate atmosphere and a reliable menu system, in which you inform what you do not like to eat or have restrictions and leave it to the chef to define the dishes you will try.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 30 people per night, so reservations are required in advance. The limitation of the public guarantees exclusivity in the service and experience.


There are two units of Giramundo in João Pessoa, one in Tambaú and another in Cabo Branco. In any of them, you will find a lively atmosphere by the sea, with live music and great service.

Bar and restaurant, Giramundo is the ideal place both to enjoy drinks with friends and to have complete meals. The place serves executive dishes and pasta, as well as portions and various types of drinks.

So, what do you think of this list with the 10 most recommended restaurants in João Pessoa? In any of them, be sure to try delicious dishes and receive great service to make your trip even better.

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