Whoever thinks that there is no love in SP is wrong, as it even has the right address: Campos do Jordão, a municipality in Serra da Mantiqueira, with a mountainous climate that inspires romance.

Just 180 km from the capital, it is very popular during the colder months, as it is at this time that the Winter Festival takes place, with musical attractions and other activities that leave the downtown streets full of human warmth.

Its very touristy atmosphere can already be perceived at the entrance, where the Campos do Jordão Portal is, where many people stop to take pictures. In a half-timbered style, super charming, it already shows what to expect from this trip.

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Attractions in Campos do Jordao

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Campos do Jordão It welcomes its tourists very well, with hotels, inns of different styles, but all with that charm that only this city has. Most of the accommodation options are in the center, called capivari, where there are also shops, restaurants and galleries, which make for the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor stroll to delight in the region. It is also there that most attractions can be found, such as the Cable Car, one of the city's postcards, which leads to Morro do Elefante, which offers a panoramic view of the entire mountain range. But, if you are afraid of heights, it is possible to reach the viewpoint by car and another possibility to observe the mountains is at Vista Chinesa, which is worth a stop, especially on clear days.

For those who want to rock the photos, the Amantikir park is a guarantee of success. Its scenery is composed of several species of plants spread in gardens inspired by different cultures that provide a trip around the world without leaving the place. If you have time, be sure to take a guided tour to learn more about the history and curiosities of the place.

Believe it or not, it is also possible to go back in time there, and ride the Tourist Tram, which recalls the time when this means of transport was so used. The route starts at Emílio Ribas Station and goes to Abernéssia, covering around 4 km, or to the city portal. And always do your research before you go, because at certain times of the year the railroad also has Maria Fumaça tours, which are a must.

Did you think you wouldn't have a food tour in the script? Impossible, after all we are talking about a city, which despite being small, is surrounded by restaurants. One of the most common dishes is fondue, with an abundance of side dishes, which perfectly match the cold nights. Even better if you have a Baden Baden beer to complete the menu. The artisanal drink brand originates from Campos do Jordão and in addition to the factory that is open for visitors so that people can get to know the entire production process, with tasting and shopping, there is also a restaurant, which is one of the mandatory stops of the Night life.

For dessert, the famous chocolates, make anyone's mouth water. There are many chocolatiers around the city that sell bars, chocolates and truffles of various flavors, and to warm up, nothing better than very creamy hot chocolate.

Campos do Jordão

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