Jurema Águas Quentes is a resort complex in Iretama, in the interior of Paraná, which combines nature, well-being and sophistication.

Certainly, traveling goes beyond discovering new places around the world, it is an opportunity to disconnect from the routine, relieve our mind and present us with good feelings. Therefore, in interior of Paraná, in Iretama, 135 kilometers from Maringá, is the complex Jurema Hot Waters. It is a perfect place for those who want to take care of body and soul amidst a lot of nature and next to an impeccable infrastructure.

Jurema Hot Waters

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Located in an area of 338 hectares, the complex Juremas Hot Waters today houses the Lagos de Jurema Termas Resort, considered one of the best in the state. Built in 1973 by the late farmer Delcides Constantino Miguel, who honored the space with the name of his beloved wife, the development, which still remains in the care of the same family, offers 184 spacious and equipped apartments.

Jurema Lakes - Paraná

Photo: Better Travel Guide

Undoubtedly, the Jurema Lakes exudes peace with a space surrounded by exuberant and well-preserved nature. At the same time, classic and quite sophisticated environments make up the place. Each step leads to a new discovery: the feeling is that you can spend days there, but there will always be something new to discover.

In addition, from the beginning of the second semester, with the inauguration of Jardins de Jurema Convention & Termas Resort, 114 more apartments are added to the operation, making the space a true vacation destination.

Hot water and health benefits

As if the peace, infrastructure and nature weren't enough, the Lagos de Jurema Termas Resorts, as its name implies, offers guests an incredible and beneficial thermal experience. This is because there are indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools and hot tubs that receive the thermal waters from the Guarani Aquifer. As a result, these waters provide guests with properties that are very good for their health.

Jurema Hot Waters

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With a high concentration of sulfur, hot baths, classified as hyperthermal minerals, flow from the subsoil at 42º C. This makes them offer relaxing effects, reducing tension and relaxation, in addition to hydrating the skin and hair. Surprisingly, these properties are handed over to visitors even at bath time, in the apartments.

But speaking of health, taking care of yourself is almost a priority within the resort. THE SPA Jurema, an incredible space in a classic and luxurious style offers more than 40 options of procedures to visitors.

SPA Jurema

SPA Jurema/ Photo: Guia Viajar Melhor

In charming private rooms with zen decor, guests can perform from relaxing and aesthetic massages, such as lymphatic drainage, to a bath with herbs, flowers or even wine.

In terms of health, the Jurema Lakes has another differential: the black sulfur mud, extracted from its own source. In the space, visitors can take a mud bath, dry in the sun and then wash themselves in beautiful showers scattered throughout the place.

Jurema Lakes

Lama Negra/ Photo: Guia Viajar Melhor

Finally, everything ends with a hot tub, to help with the process, and the effects of the treatment are soon felt. Black mud is organic and fights various skin problems of fungal or bacterial origin. Plus, of course, it provides excellent exfoliation.

Entertainment and activities amidst nature

But, despite being a perfect place for those who want to rest, enjoy nature and take care of themselves, Lagos de Jurema offers a very varied schedule of activities for those who don't want to stay still.

There is a lively and attentive recreation team that offers guests a variety of entertainment throughout the day, targeted by age group. With, for example, bicycle, horse, buggy and pedal boat rides. These activities are offered to those who want to be dazzled by the beauties of the complex from different experiences.

In addition to these, there are other activities such as running groups, fishing, ecological walks and sports tournaments that take place in the multi-sport courts of the space.

Jurema Hot Waters

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Those who enjoy adrenaline will also have fun. This is because the enterprise offers the Adventure Circuit, which includes tree-climbing stages and zip lines in the middle of the forest, all with great safety and guidance from monitors. There are several obstacles that can be covered above the treetops and that generate good doses of butterflies in the belly.

During the night, the fun continues in the theater and the employees themselves, who circulate throughout the day through the resort, exhibit their talent in the “Show da Casa”. The presentation brings together musical, circus and theater numbers, which enliven everyone and change with each show.

true gastronomic delight

Few spaces offer cuisine as tasty and varied as the Jurema Lakes. With 70% of food produced in the complex itself, the space works with a neat full-board regime with three daily banquets.

Jurema Hot Waters

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There are several options of salads, hot dishes, meats and pasta offered to guests with a taste of homemade food. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain any diet. After all, there is a wide variety of dishes on offer, with an emphasis on lactose-free options and many desserts, including diet versions.

Jurema Hot Waters

Empório do Chá/ Photo: Guia Viajar Melhor

For those who enjoy a delicious afternoon tea, the resort has a special space. THE Tea Emporium it is a charming area where an immense variety of herbs are planted that are later transformed into the drink.

In addition, those who want, in addition to tasting the teas, can take home some seedlings. The space is right in front of the lake area that adorns the resort and which has bungalows for those who want to enjoy the scenery and relax.

nature thanks you

The resort takes several actions to generate the least possible impact on the environment and integrate its facilities with nature. One of them is sewage treatment, where the water returns clean to its course. The riparian forest in the region and native forests are also preserved and sometimes replanted. In addition, the organic matter returns in the form of compost to the hotel's vegetable garden.

Jurema Hot Waters

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Nature seems to be grateful, it becomes present in several moments, among them, a true spectacle. The herons that inhabit the region found in the forest that surrounds the lake of the resort a safe haven to spend the night. Therefore, every day, at dusk, hundreds of herons arrive in flocks and begin to position themselves amidst the green, in the treetops, forming thousands of white dots and generating a singular contrast, a unique moment at sunset.

New and modern development

In the midst of a positive scenario with loyal guests who always return to the space, the Jurema Hot Waters now expands its facilities and opens, still in August 2019, its newest venture, the Jurema Convention & Termas Resort Gardens.

Jurema Lakes

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The new space will offer a built area of 45 thousand square meters and integrate Jurema Lakes, transforming the two resorts into a large tourist and leisure complex. There will be a total of 214 apartments, 114 of which will be delivered at this first moment and the others must be completed within a year.

With 40 thousand square meters of built area, the architecture of the place is modern and clean, inspired by resorts abroad. There will be three thousand square meters of swimming pool area, also supplied with thermal water of 42ºC and two wet bars, hot tubs, whirlpool and children's area.

Jurema Hot Waters

Photo: Disclosure

In addition, the hotel will have a large leisure area, offering tennis and beach tennis courts, mini-golf, kids space, baby room and even a climbing wall.

THE Jurema Gardens will offer guests two restaurants with the best of national and international cuisine, buffet and à la carte. Due to the expansion, a large part of the food will continue to be produced organically in the complex itself. However, a food production and distribution center will be created to supply the two units.

Finally, with a focus on corporate travel, the new space will house an event center with 10 rooms and capacity for over 1,000 people. Guests of both resorts will be able to move freely through all areas of the complex and enjoy all the activities offered.

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Jurema Hot Waters
s/n, BR-487, Iretama - PR
Phone: 44 3573 8100

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