The 2019 season from the Keukenhof Gardens, in the Netherlands, celebrates the power of flowers with hippie elements from the 70s 

the spring of Europe is incredible: an explosion of colors takes the place of gray tones, giving way to nature and its incredible colors. It is undeniable that everything becomes more charming, romantic and joyful. At Netherlands, the most flowery season of the year is only officially declared with the opening of the gates of the most famous tulip garden in the world, the Keukenhof.

In 2019, the season of Keukenhof Gardens starts on March 21, bringing together no less than 7 million bulbs planted manually by volunteers, forming an impressive carpet of tulips, colors and shapes in an area of approximately 32 impressive hectares.

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As the popular saying says that all that is good is short-lived, the park's flower season only welcomes visitors until May 19th. If you are in the vicinity of amsterdam, you know: don't miss the opportunity to book a day to do this unmissable day trip.

Keukenhof Gardens 2019 Schedule

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Flower Power or “The Power of Flowers” is Keukenhof's 2019 theme. The choice aims to present flowers as a powerful source of inspiration that connects people from all corners of the world. Bright colors and a hippie vibe of peace, love and music, as in the early 70s, will be part of the performances at the 70th Keukenhof in 2019.

As it could not be missing, the traditional Flower Parade will take place on April 13 at around 3:30 pm, featuring a huge procession of floats with flowers that parade for about 40 kilometers. Also during the 2019 season, visitors will have bicycles and boats available for rent, providing new perspectives on the colorful beauty of the park.

How to get?

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The city of Lisse is not far from Amsterdam, there are approximately 30 kilometers separating the municipalities. For this day trip, the easiest option is via bus, which leaves from the center of Amsterdam and goes to Schipol airport. From there, just take line 858 that will drop you off in front of the park. 

On the park's website there are all the details of the public transport lines that operate at the site. Click here to check.

Tickets for the Keukenhof in 2019

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Due to the great demand, gigantic queues are formed to purchase tickets at the park gates. The recommendation is to make an advance purchase by Internet, at the event official website. The ticket price for adults is €17.00, children pay €8.00 and there are special prices for groups.

With the ticket in hand, you do not have a fixed date to visit, which allows you to choose the best day – preferably sunny – to explore all the beauties of the park, which is open daily from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm on March 21st. May 19, 2019.

A tip: to find the quietest gardens, try to visit the park early in the morning and late in the afternoon. 

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+ Info
Keukenhof Holland 2019
Stationsweg 166A/2161 AM Lisse
March 21 to May 19, 2019

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