Considered by many to be the most beautiful river in the world, its water has 5 incredible color variations 

In a remote location of Colombia, more precisely in Serra da Macarena, southeast of the country, is a river that is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world. Unlike other waterways on the planet, its beauty is not only in its shapes, rocks or the nature around it, but because it presents incredible five colors – yellow, blue, green, red and black – in its clear waters. and clean.

This rainbow effect, accompanied by aquatic plants, sand and the beautiful rock formations of its bed, form one of the most incredible scenarios to discover. There is an explanation for this improbable show of colors: it is due to a combination of algae and minerals, in addition to the presence of a plant that only blooms in this river, the Macarenia Clavigera.

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Photo: Mario Carvajal/

This region in which the river is located is unique in the world. In addition to endemic species, which only exist there, it has a rich biodiversity and also has many geological records, with traces of ancient Indians who inhabited the region. It is also where 25% of the tropical forests and 15% of the planet's fresh water are concentrated.

Best time to visit Caño Cristales

Photo: Fotografía Caño Cristales: by Mario Carvajal (cc) 2012

From December to May, Cano Cristales it is an ordinary river like any other. It is at the beginning of June that its waters begin to gain vibrant colors in shades of red, green, blue and yellow. This nature magic effect lasts until November 30.

How to visit Caño Cristales

Photo: Fotografía Caño Cristales: by Mario Carvajal (cc) 2012

The easiest way to visit Cano Cristales it's by plane. It is possible to take flights to La Macarena, the city closest to the river, from Bogotá and Villavicencio. Several Colombian tourism agencies carry out the tour and include food, transfers, accommodation and a tour guide.

Access to visit Cano Cristales it is not so simple and requires some physical preparation, but the landscape at the end of the route is worth all the effort. It takes about 20 minutes on a speedboat, another half hour in a 4×4 vehicle and, finally, a 10km walk in total to admire this spectacle of nature.

For more information, visit the attraction's official website. clicking here.

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