One of the main ecotourism destinations in Brazil, the Chapada Diamantina it has waterfalls, rivers, canyons and caves that form a unique setting. located in the state of Bahia, the region is responsible for almost all the headwaters of the Paraguaçu and Rio de Contas rivers.

Redoubt of natural beauty, the Chapada Diamantina shelters a great diversity of fauna and flora. There are more than 50 types of orchids, bromeliads and vines, in addition to rare animal species, such as the giant anteater, giant armadillo, porcupine, wild cats, capybaras and countless types of birds and snakes.

THE Chapada Diamantina National Park, was created in the 1980s and today acts as a protective body against all this exuberance.

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Where to stay:

THE Chapada Diamantina It has six support locations for travelers, the one that has the best structure is the city of Lençois, but the ideal is to separate the time and stay a little in each place to really enjoy the entire region of the park.

Listed by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, Lençóis is a beautiful historic city with a great tourist vocation and is considered the gateway to Chapada. It has the largest infrastructure in the region, with an airport, numerous options for accommodation, food and tourism agencies.

It was in Mucugê that the first diamonds of the chapada were found in 1844, one of the attractions, strange as it may seem, is the only Byzantine-style cemetery in Brazil. Surrounded by mountains and 52% of its territory covered by the Chapada Diamantina National Park, its main highlight is the Mucugê Municipal Park.

The small village of Igatu has signs of its history stamped on its buildings and on the peaceful lifestyle of the residents. The village has several attractions, such as the ruins of stone houses built by the miners and the trails that lead to various natural attractions, such as Vale do Pati.

The city of Andarai is right in the center of the National Park and is close to several attractions such as Poço Encantado, Rio Marimbus and Gruta da Paixão.

The municipality of Ibiocara, in the southwest of Chapada Diamantina It is located at 1,700 meters high and has been gaining ground in regional tourism. Its main attraction is the Buracão waterfall, with about 85 meters high and considered the postcard of the region.

With an esoteric climate, Vale do Capão is located in the middle of Chapada Park and is surrounded by mountains, considered an ecological sanctuary, the village is really a fascinating place. In the valley it is also possible to have access to the main attractions of the region, such as Cachoeira da Fumaça and Morrão.


Photo: Andras Jancsik

How to get:

By airplane
The fastest way to get to Chapada Diamantina is through Horácio de Matos airport, in the municipality of Lençóis, which receives regular flights from Salvador and is 20km from the city center, on the BR-242.

By car
From the capital of Bahia, take the BR-324 to Feira de Santana and then the BR-116 to the bridge over the Paraguaçu River. The next section is covered by the BR-242 until Lençóis.

By bus
For those who want to go by bus through the state capital, there are three companies that transport from Salvador to the region and the trip lasts about six hours. From Salvador to Lençóis it is 409 km.

How to circulate:

Within each destination, you can do everything on foot. For the trails, hire accredited guides at the agencies or associations of visitor drivers. To go from one location to another: the BA-142 (from the BR-242) connects Lençóis to Andaraí, Mucugê and Ibicoara (a side road runs from it to Igatu). The BR-242 leads to Palmeiras and, from there, a dirt road leads to Vale do Capão – those without a car can opt for transfers from the agencies. Bus circulation is restricted: Real Expresso

What to know:

Smoke Waterfall

With its 360 meters high, Cachoeira da Fumaça impresses travelers with its height, considered one of the largest waterfalls in the country.

slap 2

Photo: Marcus Lutz

Buracão Waterfall

Considered one of the most beautiful in the region, the waterfall is located in a canyon framed by leafy stones.

Photo: Disclosure

Father Inácio Hill

The main postcard of the chapada is 1,120 meters high, from where you have a breathtaking view of a good part of the park.


Photo: via Flickr – Vmestresantana

Lapa Doce Grotto

Located in the municipality of Iraquara in Chapada Diamantina, Gruta da Lapa Doce is part of a complex of limestone caves, different from most caves in the region for being wide, airy and almost entirely flat. Considered the third largest in Brazil, the cave has 20 km mapped, where 850 m are open to visitors.

slap 5

Photo: Ana Patricia Castro

little silver

Wonderful river and grotto with incredibly crystalline waters where you can do various activities such as floating, zip lining, pedal boats and kayaking.

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Photo: Daniel9d Martins

Blue Well

We already talked about Poço Azul in this other article on here. We found one of the best baths in Chapada. The scenery is impressive: a cave with crystalline waters, in which the vivid blue of the water is a result of the sunlight. Swimming and floating is allowed. The attraction belongs to the municipality of Nova Redenção and it is necessary to pay an entrance fee to visit it. The place has a restaurant, parking and a craft store.


Photo: Daniel Arantes

Enchanted Well

The waters are so crystal clear that it is not possible to see where the aquatic environment begins. It is about 60 meters deep. One of the most beautiful and exotic tours that the region offers.


Photo: Daniel Arantes

Ribeirão do Meio

It is located on the riverbed of the Ribeirão River, 3.5 km from Lençóis, therefore, it is easily accessible for those who are in the city. It is a large pool with a natural toboggan run, ideal for swimming. It is recommended to take the tour and also enjoy the Cachoeira do Sossego, which is very close to the place.


Photo: Fabrizio Marvel.

Mucugezinho River and Devil's Well

The Mucugezinho River forms several wells, one of the highlights being the Poço do Diabo waterfall, with 20 meters and its deep well, the place is ideal for ziplining and rappelling.


Photo: Fabrizio Marvel

When to go:

In the months of December to February, the daily rates are usually more expensive and the trails and waterfalls are more crowded. In June, the feast of Saint John is celebrated. In the period between November and January it can rain a lot, while from April to September the waters give a truce and the temperatures are not so strenuous.

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