THE Mimosa Ecotourism Resort is a charming farm located in the municipality of Bonito, considered the best ecotourism destination in Brazil. The place offers itineraries that combine adventure and sustainability in a route full of native forest that brings together eight waterfalls, seven natural pools, four viewpoints and lots of fun.

If you love to venture through trails, waterfalls and stunning landscapes, but also give great value to the environmental preservation of these places, you need to know the tour offered at Mimosa Ecotourism Resort. The place, an old and charming farm of 400 hectares with beautiful natural surprises, is an unmissable stop for anyone visiting the municipality of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, the best ecotourism destination in Brazil.

With the proposal of maximum interaction with nature causing minimum environmental impact, this experience shows that, in addition to the environment, respect and good humor must also be preserved.

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Access to trails and waterfalls at Estancia Mimosa

Photo: Publicity / Estancia Mimosa

The trail route from Estancia Mimosa starts from the farmhouse and follows a platform that skirts the riparian forest of the Rio Mimoso region, making tourists observe species of plants, birds and wild animals – there are 250 species cataloged on the spot – that sometimes appear on the way. .

The route is easy and suitable even for children and the elderly and, despite the 2800-meter walk (round trip) with a stretch of rowing boat for 500 meters, no previous experience in ecotourism activities is necessary. From departure to return, everything takes approximately 3h30min.

On the way, small groups of up to 12 visitors, always accompanied by a specialized tour guide, observe the surprises of a beautiful natural setting. There are centenary trees, orchids and bromeliads that make every detail of the trails of the Mimosa Resort in Bonito become memorable. Along the way, there are four viewpoints that present the charming view of the Serra da Bodoquena hill. This moment is a perfect opportunity to admire the view and catch your breath with some fresh air to continue the path.

When the sun gets stronger, the seven natural pools guarantee refreshing and inspiring moments with nature. And it doesn't stop there: small caves and a six-meter platform, from where it is possible to jump into one of the wells, are part of the most awaited attractions of the tour.

As for the waterfalls, we are not talking about one, two or three, but eight incredible falls to enjoy during the hike. Some of them even hide regional mysteries and legends – this part is a surprise, just going there to find out!

THE Mimosa Resort features waterfalls for all tastes: deeper, shallower, with strong drops or relaxing. What do they all have in common? The power to surprise and delight with the beauty of its waters. Just look!

Photo: Publicity / Estancia Mimosa

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