Thailand is a country with a culture completely different from ours and has breathtaking natural landscapes. You can venture to the islands with paradisiacal beaches or, visiting the North region, in Chiang Mai, it is also possible to discover the spiritual capital of the country. There are dozens of Buddhist temples and experiences that will make you a new person.

In this article, the Thiago Lopez shared a little bit of the trip he made to Koh Lanta, staying at Hotel Pimalai Resort, a little-known little piece of Thailand that, without a doubt, deserves to be visited!

Aerial view of the Pimalai Resort Hotel. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Aerial view of Koh Lanta National Park. Photo: Thiago Lopez

When to go to Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is located in the Krabi region, close to other popular destinations such as Railay Beach and Phi Phi Islands. The best time to visit this paradise is from January The April, but it is important to remember that this area is known to have an unstable climate, making it difficult to predict the exact weather.

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I was in December 2018 and the forecast that it was raining every day was wrong for my luck. We had beautiful sunny days. In January of this year, 2019, a typhoon is predicted to pass in this region, affecting the transport of hundreds of tourists.

Based on that, I don't venture to predict the weather in this region, but all the locals comment that this is the season with the best chance of good weather. Better to take a risk at the right time and escape the rains, isn't it?

Beaches in Koh Lanta National Park. Photo: Thiago Lopez

How to get to Koh Lanta

My option was to fly to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok and from there take a direct flight to the city of Krabi. I opted for the company Vietjet Air, one low cost and I didn't regret it: punctual flights and I had no problems with bags.

The flight from Bangkok to Krabi takes approximately 1 hour. There is the Bangkok Airways alternatively, an award-winning boutique airline considered one of the best in Asia (I've even flown to the Maldives with her).

Beaches on Koh Lanta, Thailand. Photo: Thiago Lopez

How to get to Pimalai Resort?

From Krabi airport to Hotel Pimalai, you need to take a van provided by the hotel to reach a port where you can take a boat. After that, prepare to arrive in paradise. The journey by van lasts around 40 minutes and also by boat, on a route with calm seas and beautiful views of the region.

Pimalai Resort's infinity pool. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Accommodation at Hotel Pimalai Resort

There are several types of accommodation in Hotel Pimalai. I stayed in a villa with a private pool and a breathtaking view of the sunset, but there are also more economical options with rooms in the middle of the forest, integrated with nature and just as comfortable.

Aerial view of the Pimalai Resort Hotel. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Aerial views of the rooms integrated with nature at Hotel Pimalai. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Activities at Pimalai Resort

THE Hotel Pimalai It has 2 incredibly beautiful infinity pools, the main one being over 50 meters long and offering a privileged view of the sunset.

The hotel is located in an extensive area of forest, so it is necessary to travel by car from the hotel itself. I found the transfer service very fast: I just had to call the reception and in a few minutes they came to pick me up.

The hotel basically has 3 restaurants: the main one with western food (Seven Seas restaurant - with main dishes from 60 reais), a restaurant with typical Thai food (Spice N Rice) and the beach restaurant called Rak Talay Beach.

In the first two it is still possible to have breakfast: I found the western one with the most beautiful view because it is located in a higher area among them. The hotel's structure is very large, including poolside bars, spa, tennis court, gym, bookstore and even its own private beach with almost 1 km long.

This is the main pool at Pimalai Resort. Photo: Thiago Lopez

This sunset needs no comment. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Koh Lanta National Park Tour

This tour lasted the entire day, leaving the hotel around 9 am. The tour was done in a group of 15 people and cost approximately 250 reais, with lunch already included. We visited the Koh Lanta National Park, with stops to snorkel and visit some beaches in the region.

The visit to the Morakot cave is worth mentioning, on site there is a private beach that can only be accessed through the cave itself, accessible at low tide.

Boarding to Koh Lanta National Park. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Going for a swim there? This is Koh Lanta National Park. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Average prices and valuesthe daily ones

Depending on the season, you can find accommodation in Hotel Pimalai from 1,200 reais per day. It is important to point out that I found the price of the restaurants, as well as the tours offered by the hotel, to be fair.

I stayed only 3 days in this region and if I could, I would stay longer. Together with Railay Beach and the Phi Phi Islands, I can assure you that Koh Lanta also worth a visit with the benefit of being relatively close to these other famous islands. And you, what other regions of Thailand do you recommend for us?

Hotel Pimalai Resort, Thailand. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Pimalai Resort, an amazing accommodation in Thailand. Photo: Thiago Lopez

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