The nice 91-year-old Russian grandma is traveling the world alone and sharing everything on her Instagram profile

Motivated by the desire to know new places and people, Russian Elena Mikhailovna, 91, decided to travel the world when she was 83 years old, proving that there is no age to travel and see the world.

Affectionately nicknamed Babushka (Grandma in Russian) by her more than 114,000 Instagram followers, Elena says that although she is in considerably poor health, she prefers to continue her journey rather than stay at home in the city of Krasnoyarsk, about 4 thousand kilometers from Moscow.

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The trip is financed by retirement money and work from selling flowers. In addition, Elena also receives contributions from some relatives who help to fulfill her dream of traveling more and more. The nice lady has traveled to the Czech Republic, Vietnam, Israel, Germany, Thailand and other countries. Check out some photos from Elena's Instagram profile.

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Здравствуйте, дорогие друзья! Знакомьтесь, это наша 89-летняя бабушка из Красноярска. Путешествовать бабушка начала в 83 года и посетила Чехию, Польшу, Германию, Турцию, Вр,етнИлма. Живет #БабаЛена в Красноярске. На путешествия копит весь год пенсию и летом продает цветы. Прекрасно переносит перелеты и ездит везде с одним рюкзачком. Our 89- year old granny from Siberia. PS Заблокировали наш прошлый аккаунт, к сожалению, поэтому создаем новый. Присоединяйтесь и следите за новыми путешествиями бабы Лены #babalena #@babushka1927 #babushka1927, #бабаЛена#супербабушка #супербабушка2016 #москва #moskow #russia #89traveller

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