Cariocas really cannot complain about the lack of beaches and natural beauty in their territory, especially when it comes to the Lagos Region, that part of the Rio de Janeiro that enchants with paradisiacal landscapes and almost deserted in some stretches. And you can still choose between the beautiful dunes of Cabo Frio, the multicolored waters of Arraial do Cabo or all the charm and elegance of Búzios, places once frequented by locals, looking for a weekend getaway, but which has been attracting tourists from world in search of exclusive natural beauties.

The well-known Lakes Region It is made up of seven municipalities and the most distant is approximately 170 km from the capital. The main stops are: Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo and Búzios. Learn more about each of them:

Cities in the Lagos Region

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It is the city where most tourists start this adventure, or even choose to stay, as it has the best and cheapest accommodation structure, compared to other cities. It is also where the Lagos Region airport is located, which attracts travelers from all over the world. Now, what to do in Cabo Frio? Certainly, the beaches are the main attractions, with crystal clear sea, very white sand that forms dunes in its extension, it is the perfect setting for resting.

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Praia do Forte is the main one, as it is located in the center and from there it is possible to visit other places such as Forte São Mateus and Mirante do Arpoador. The Japanese Island is also a must-see, with a very calm sea. After an intense day of sun and sea, one of the most frequented places is the charming Bairro da Passagem, a historically preserved area with alleys and colonial houses.

For shopping, Rua dos Bikinis is a danger! It is an open-air mall with several fitness and beachwear stores.

Also known as the Brazilian Caribbean, it is a great option for those who like to dive, due to the water conditions, which guarantee a great view of marine life.

Its icy sea, with exuberant colors, draw attention in three main points. The first is the Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, a postcard of the region, where the famous staircase that gives access to the beach is located and is the target of many clicks.

Praia do Farol is also a must see, classified by INPE as one of the most perfect beaches in Brazil, due to the purity of its waters and the beauty of the landscape. It is a protection area of the Brazilian Navy, therefore its access is restricted and it is possible to arrive only by boat, with authorized tours. Finally, Praia do Forno is another paradisiacal setting, it is 500 meters long, with an incredible view and a viewpoint where it is possible to observe its entire shore.

A mixture of charm, elegance and natural paradises make up the scenery of Búzios, where there are more than 20 beaches to be explored.

Start the list with the main and busiest beach of Geribá, with several bars around it and very popular with surfers. For quieter moments, Praia do Forno is perfect for being more hidden. The sea is rough and its sand has a pinkish hue, which makes it even more charming.

Be sure to see the sunset at Praia da Tartaruga and, at night, a walk on Rua das Pedras is a must! When hunger strikes, head straight to Porto da Barra and the charming Orla Bartot, where there is a gastronomic complex with restaurants and bars.

Lakes Region


Cable camp

Cabo Frio

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