The Pantanal Biopark has just opened its doors after 11 years of delay and exhibits species from the Pantanal and other five continents!

the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul Just got another new attraction! The Pantanal Biopark is a 19,000 square meter freshwater aquarium with a capacity for almost 5 million liters of water. The new city complex stands out for being the largest freshwater aquarium in the world and features
32 tanks that house fish from the Pantanal, but there are also reservoirs with animals from five continents.

In addition, visitors will be able to see the representation of each ecosystem, such as the boreal forest of Asia.

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large field freshwater aquarium

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The main building was designed by Ruy Ohtake, who died in November 2021. The works on the Pantanal Biopark began in 2011, however, due to allegations of corruption, the project was delayed and was only completed now, 11 years later. The aquarium is located inside the Parque das Nações Indígenas and is home to about 230 species of fish (80% of them originating in the Pantanal), in addition to caimans and anacondas.



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The Pantanal is one of the largest floodplains in the world and is home to an immense variety of fauna and flora, mainly with endemic species (which only exist in the region).

There are more than 260 species of fish, including piranhas, dorado and pacus. In this way, the proposal of the Pantanal Biopark is, precisely, to present the Pantanal biodiversity in an accessible way for the population.

The museum

biggest freshwater aquarium

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In addition to the aquarium, the space also has the Biodiversity Museum, which is currently exhibiting an itinerant exhibition of fossils from Serra do Araripe. There is also a set of replicas of the megafauna on site, the name given to large animals that became extinct. Some of the most prominent pieces are the hoof of an armadillo ancestor and the fossil of a giant sloth, animals that reached up to three meters in length. Access to the aquarium is free until the end of the year, but prior appointment is required by the site.

The appointment for the month of June has not yet opened and the museum has not announced dates. The visits will be guided, lasting about 1h30, in the morning, from 9 am to 11:30 am, and in the afternoon, from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.

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