The lavender field at Lavandário, in Cunha, in the interior of São Paulo, is full of charms reminiscent of the most romantic settings in France.

A beautiful field of lavender in incredible lilac tones, which are even more accentuated during the sunset. This scenario may even be reminiscent of the lavender fields of provence, in the south of France, but it is the Laundry in the city of Cunha, on the border between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

The space brings together more than 40,000 feet of lavender flowers that stand out in the midst of mountains that appear on the horizon. But, after all, how to visit this place that looks like a little piece of France in Brazil? We will explain everything you need to know to take this tour. 

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Lavandário de Cunha: a colorful paradise in lilac tones 

Photo: Rosanetur/ Flickr

One of the questions that many people ask before visiting the Cunha's Laundry is: when can I find the flowering fields? The good news is that this is possible all year round, since rotating pruning is carried out on site, which allows the plants to flourish regardless of the weather. 

For those who go with family, the structure of the place is good, with restrooms and a cafe. Visitors can access the lavender field via light trails and wooden walkways. It is not possible to walk among the flowers as this could stunt their growth or damage them. 

wedge laundry room

Photo: Rosanetur/ Flickr

There are several viewpoints scattered around that allow you to take incredible pictures of the panoramic scenery amidst the flowers. Therefore, many people take advantage of the visit to carry out photo shoots. Try to visit the place early in the morning or at the end of the day, when the lavender's lilac hue is enhanced. 

A charming Provençal-style house still offers products developed with essential oils from the plant, as well as seedlings for those who want a lavender in their home, all developed in the Laundry itself. 

wedge laundry room

Photo: Rosanetur/ Flickr

A tip is to combine the visit with the Contemplário, another perfect place to admire beautiful landscapes, take a deep breath and be enchanted by a scenery full of plantations of lavender, rosemary, lemon grass and other aromatic plants.

How to visit the lavender field of Cunha 

Lavandário is located on the side of a road, the SP-171 (Guaratinguetá-Paraty), more precisely at kilometer 54.7. It is a perfect tour to combine with other places in the region, which is full of attractions, such as a scenic trip to the Cunha-Paraty road.

Photo: Rosanetur/ Flickr

To get an idea, the Lavandário is located just 8 kilometers from the center of Cunha and 37 kilometers from the historic center of Paraty. The space is open from 10:00 am until sunset, tickets cost R$15 (over 60s pay R$7) and are offered at the box office. The venue accepts credit and debit cards. For more information, just access the official site of the Laundry

Cunha's Laundry
Highway SP-171, Km 54.7, Y/N – Boa Vista – Cunha
Open from 10:30am to 5:30pm

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