City hall pipe broke and cloudy water reached the beaches of Anjo, Forno, Prainha and Monte Alto, which are still closed

Nicknamed the Brazilian Caribbean, Cable camp, a city in the lakes region of Rio de Janeiro, is known for its beautiful beaches with crystalline waters in blue tones. Due to the heavy torrential rains that hit the region in recent days, some beaches began to show a dark green color in their waters.

According to the Arraial do Cabo City Hall, the storms caused damage to the rainwater network and the rupture of a pipe, causing the temporary interdiction of the little beachPraia dos Anjos, Forno Beach and Beach from Monte Alto. The affected pipe has already been closed by the Department of Public Services, but for now, the recommendation is that bathers avoid diving in the affected places.

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Photo: Arraial Tur

In a note posted on social media, the City Hall also informed that water analyzes had already been collected by the Prolagos – concessionaire responsible for the region – yesterday morning (28) and, soon, a complete report will be sent with the local conditions and the forecast of release of the areas for bathing.

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