The arrival of autumn and the decrease of pollutants in the atmosphere have contributed to the observation of stars in the sky of the coast of São Paulo

A clearer sky full of stars. This is the report of some residents of Baixada Santista, in the Sao Paulo coast, in the last days. according to a article published by the G1 portal, the sky of the coast of São Paulo has, in fact, become less polluted.

to G1, experts pointed out that, as a result of the social isolation of the last few days due to the coronavirus, there was a decrease in the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. With cars and buses in the garages because of the quarantine, it was possible to have greater visibility of the sky. In addition, the arrival of autumn, a period with less humidity, would also have contributed to the observation of stars at night.

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Photo: Personal Archive / Jamil Vila Nova

The photographer and amateur astronomer Jamil Vila Nova, 53 years old, from the city of Santos, recorded the clearest sky at dawn in recent days. According to him, it was possible to observe even planets like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. “The sky is an unusual blue, it hasn't been like this in Santos since the 70's and early 80's”, he told the report. 

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