Valued at US$ 55 million, the jet can be customized to the customer's taste

With only 31 units around the world, including some countries in Middle East, Besides China and U.S, The Lineage 1000E is a private jet model from Embraer that can be customized by the customer.

The airplane and 70 square meters is distributed in five different environments and can carry up to 19 people. Second Gustavo Teixeira, vice president of sales, the project's proposal is for travelers to use the model to hold meetings and work in complete silence and privacy without losing comfort.

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The luxury is such that, upon boarding, you are faced with a marble-floored lobby, a full kitchen and beyond. a room with four seats and tables for dining. In the central area, passengers find all the comfort and charm of reclining seats with retractable tables, sofa and TV.

In addition, this experience in the air has three bathrooms and a master suite, with a queen size bed, which also allows access during the flight to the luggage compartment, in case you need to find something in your suitcase.

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Another differential of the aircraft is the flight range, which can reach 8,519 km, making routes that include from Sao Paulo for New York, without interruptions. The model Lineage 1000E does not yet have a Brazilian owner, but one of the company's bets for the country is to invest in details ranging from a discreet handrail, double windows to provide an even more pleasant view and an equipped technology system capable of controlling lights, doors, music , television and windows via the iPad.

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