Some cities in Bahia or tourist spots are not so explored by tourists, come and discover the almost intact beauties that the place hides 

THE Bahia is a great point of cultural and natural wealth of Brazil. There we can find beaches, Atlantic Forest reserves and a lot of presence of Northeastern culture, through cuisine and typical dances. Who never thought of visiting safe harbor for drinks and Acarajé, or savior by Olodum and Pelourinho?

It is undeniable that these attractions mark the entire state of Bahia, but nothing prevents people from enjoying and discovering little known tourist places in Bahia, but worth a visit. Who knows, it is even possible to make a cheaper trip by choosing these destinations. So, were you curious? Now just check the list.

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Check out 10 little known destinations in Bahia


Photo: Lower Publicity

With 5 lakes and 14 springs, Baixio is part of the destinations in Bahia to escape the obvious. The place is surrounded by ecological walks and trails, which lead to the famous lagoons, which contain crystalline and warm waters, great for bathing. In addition, it is possible to see a panoramic view and enjoy the view of the ascent of the hills.

dry mangrove 

Photo: Nico Kaiser

is not one of tourist cities in Bahia, just a fishing village, but that enchants any visitor with its white sand and blue sea. Located in the extreme north of the state, dry mangrove it has a good structure of bars and restaurants for tourists, in addition to being close to the Rio Real, another place that is worth a visit by boat.

Paulo Afonso 

Photo: Marinelson Almeida

One of the best cities in Bahia to enjoy the canyons of the São Francisco River and enjoy its waters is Paulo Afonso, which contains several Catamaran tours. But it is also possible to explore other landscapes, such as Serra do Umbuzeiro and also visit the house of Maria Bonita, a great figure from the Northeast.


Photo: Tatiana Azeviche – Setur

A place where you can find a little bit of everything, beaches with dunes, natural pools, rivers and mangroves. Count is one of cities in Bahia which usually attracts many tourists, however, it is not difficult to find more isolated places, just walk along the beaches and paradisiacal and hidden spots will appear.


Photo: Vilamir Azevedo

A place that enchants both at low and low tide is cumuruxatiba. There it is possible to walk calmly when the waters are shallow and enjoy deserted beaches. But when the tide increases, activities such as diving delight visitors, as through the crystal clear water, anyone can see the corals and colorful fish.

Ponta do Corumbau 

Photo: Disclosure

If what you seek is tranquility, Ponta do Corumbau It's one of the best cities in Bahia to relax. The place is difficult to access, only by boats or dirt roads, so most of the year it is almost empty. Thus, anyone can enjoy the greenish sea and lie on the white sand.

Santa Cruz Cabrália

Photo: Carlos Alkmin

A strong mix of Portuguese colonization and indigenous traditions can be found in Santa Cruz Cabrália. This is one of tourist cities in Bahia, because in addition to the various beaches with seas for all tastes, it is part of the Discovery Coast, being among the possibilities of places where the colonizers set foot for the first time.

San Desidériver 

Photo: Info São Desidério

For adventurers who are ready for any activity, São Desidério is one of the points worth visiting. The city has more than 60 caves, several trails and places for those who enjoy climbing. In addition, a great attraction in the region is the Lagoa Azul Municipal Park and the Pedras Brilhantes Archaeological Site.

Jiquiriçá Valley 

Photo: Rita Barretto

Another perfect place for ecotourism lovers is the Jiquiriçá Valley. The place is home to waterfalls, mountains and many trails, where visitors can perform activities such as trekking, horseback riding, canoeing and fishing in the nearby rivers. Another favorable point for the place are the typical foods, such as carne de sol and moqueca.


Photo: Publicity Porto Seguro

caraiva it's not a tourist city of Bahia, in fact, is part of Porto Seguro, but it has not yet been fully discovered by tourists. The place has the famous meeting of the river with the sea, where it is possible to take several boat trips, both in fresh and salty waters.

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