Canceled by coronavirus, National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington has been shown live on the internet. Watch now!

April is the month where cherry blossoms bloom in the northern hemisphere. In Japan, the "sakura", as they are called there, decorate the cities with its shades of pink. But in the United States, especially in the capital Washington, the streets also gain color and a special charm. Thus, it is at this time that the National Festival of Cherries takes place every year, an event that celebrates the arrival of flowers in the main parks of the city.  


cherry blossoms festival live

Photo: Cherry Blossom Watch

However, this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the necessary quarantine, people will not be able to check out the event in person. With that in mind, the National Park Service it's the National Cherry Blossom Festival, decided to take the cherry blossoms into homes – and you can also see all the beauty of the season right from your sofa. 

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“Washington DC cherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring and symbolize hope, renewal and friendship, and this is especially important right now,” Diana Mayhew, president of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, said in a statement. 

Live beauty from every angle

cherry blossoms festival live


Through a live live, it is possible to see the trees taken by the flowers. The displayed angles change every 60 seconds so viewers can enjoy the views from vantage points.

In addition to showing the beauty of the trees, the exhibition has another purpose: encourage support for the long-term care and maintenance of plants, as it takes a lot of work to keep them healthy. Every year, about 90 cherry trees need to be replanted in the city, which generates very high costs. 

Click here to see the cherry blossoms in Washigton DC live.

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