Parador Cambará do Sul has accommodation in a cocoon that provides comfort and luxury for those looking for experiences immersed in the mountains of Serra Gaúcha

The cold climate and beautiful landscapes make Serra Gaúcha a perfect place to live experiences immersed in nature. And now, you can enjoy the best of this region in a cocoon accommodation. That's right! THE Parador Cambara do Sul – former Parador da Montanha – launched a new type of accommodation that perfectly translates what glamping is all about.

Parador Cambara do Sul

Photo: Parador Cambará do Sul

In fact, the Parador was already known for being the first hotel in Brazil to apply this concept – which means camping with glamor – in its luxurious tents and chalets. Now, the hotel has gone further and created cocoon-shaped tents that bring even closer to nature and offer guests a lot of comfort and privacy.

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Photos Parador Cambará do Sul

Photo: Parador Cambará do Sul

The new accommodations at Parador Cambará do Sul have a sophisticated design, with natural touches that make them even more charming and cozy. Furthermore, they have decks private rooms with hydromassage and ecological fireplace, ideal for enjoying the view. 

It does not stop there. Those staying at the Parador cocoons can enjoy all the services offered by the hotel. Therefore, if you plan to visit Serra Gaúcha, accommodation in a cocoon can make your trip even more special. To make your reservation at Parador Cambará do Sul, Click here and enjoy a special discount.

Photo: Parador Cambará do Sul

Accommodation in 'cocoon' offers comfort and new experiences

The new accommodations Parador Cambara do Sul ensure that you live experiences immersed in nature, without giving up luxury and comfort. Constructed with reforested wood treated in curves and covered by tarpaulins, the cocoons have the characteristics of camping tents, but have the amenities of the best hotel rooms.

And the name is no accident. The architectural design of the tents resembles bee cocoons. So much so that they were named after native bees in the region, such as: Mandaçaia, Jataí and Guaraipo. In addition, the name of the new accommodations is a metaphor for transformation, as cocoon accommodation allows guests to isolate themselves to immerse themselves in nature and reconnect with the environment. 

Inside, the cocoons bring a modern design, with natural elements, and a lot of coziness. They have 24 square meters and have deck private with spa bath and ecological fireplace. In addition, they have air conditioning, thermal sheets, bathroom with amenities by L'Occitane and minibar.

Photos Parador Cambará do Sul

Photo: Parador Cambará do Sul

Cocoon accommodation allows the guest to also enjoy all the services offered by Parador Cambará do Sul. Among them, the living room, the stone fireplace, the bar and the Spa by L'Occitane, which offers a massage and treatment room.

Photo: Parador Cambará do Sul

Have experiences immersed in nature at Parador Cambará do Sul

If you're the type of traveler looking for experiences immersed in nature, cocoon accommodation won't disappoint. They are a great accommodation option for those looking for direct contact with nature.

The whirlpool and fireplace are options that guarantee to enjoy the landscape in a different way, regardless of the time of year or the weather. They offer a panoramic view of Campos de Cima da Serra and provide guests with a lot of tranquility. 

Gastronomy is another experience offered by the Parador. The dishes served by the Alma RS – Cozinha, Natureza & Fogo restaurant are developed with the Nature Kitchen concept, valuing local products, always fresh in the preparations. 

In addition to all the comfort of staying in one of these cocoons high in the mountains, Cambará do Sul has surreal scenarios to explore, such as the imposing canyons. There are several trails that cut through the walls and you can also go horseback riding, bathe in waterfalls or practice extreme sports, such as abseiling.

Parador Cambará do Sul promotes some tours in the region, such as horseback riding through Fazenda Camarinhas or trekking through the canyons. It also offers bicycles and ATVs to explore the area.

How to get to Parador Cambará do Sul

For those from other states and staying at Parador Cambará do Sul, the nearest airport is Caxias do Sul, about 2 hours away. However, the offer of flights is more restricted than at Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre. The airport of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul is about 230 km from Cambará do Sul. The journey takes around 3 hours and can be done by rented car, car by app or by a transfer hired. 

Another option to get to the Parador Cambara do Sul is Florianópolis International Airport, 400 km away. The route is ideal for those who combine a trip to Rio Grande do Sul with Santa Catarina. The 5-hour trip allows you to visit the beaches of Santa Catarina before going up the Serra Gaúcha. 

To get to Parador Cambará do Sul by car from Porto Alegre, the fastest route takes the BR-290 to the access to the BR-116. At the time of Novo Hamburgo, it is necessary to access the RS-239 towards Campo Bom until reaching Taquara, then take the RS-020 to Cambará do Sul. In the city, the road continues for another 8 km on the RS-427 to the Parador.  

But the hotel recommends another, longer route, but on roads with better traffic conditions. See the recommended route: take the BR-290 towards the north coast, then take the BR-101 to Terra de Areia and access the Rota do Sol (RS-453) towards Tainhas. In this city, you need to access the RS-020 towards Cambará do Sul and follow the RS-427 to Parador Cambará do Sul, which is located at Estrada do Faxinal, s/n°, in the Morro Agudo neighborhood.

What did you think of this accommodation in a cocoon? Schedule your trip to Cambará do Sul now and have experiences immersed in nature with a lot of luxury and sophistication.

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