Far beyond the super moon: April will have other astronomical events for you to admire right from your window. Know how and when to observe! 

The quarantine period to contain the coronavirus pandemic is needed. Despite being tiring, the routine of those who are at home can become a little more pleasant during the month of April – just look up. That's because, several astrological events will occur during the month.

Those who live in small towns, with little artificial light, will have an advantage, as visibility tends to be higher. Another positive point is the time of year: April is a drier month, providing cleaner nights. This allows, for example, to follow the brightest stars, such as the moon and some planets.

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After super moon phenomenon at the beginning of the month, April still reserves other astronomical beauties for you to admire from your home window.

DAY 15: meeting of planets

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Photo: Unsplash


According to the Galileo Magazine, at dawn on Wednesday (15), the waning moon, which occurs when we see only half of the lunar disk, will receive a visit. It will be in the middle of Jupiter and Saturn, considered the two largest planets in the solar system. To be able to identify, just notice the brightest, which is Jupiter. You will also be able to see Mars, a reddish dot just below.

DAY 22: Meteor shower 

april admire

Photo: Unsplash

We already said that there is less rainfall in April, right? But not meteor ones! The month of April will bring the southern hemisphere's first intense meteor shower in 2020. So look up and be grateful for the opportunity if you are in a place with good visibility conditions. It will be possible to observe up to 15 meteors per hour. Here in Brazil, the tip is to look north, starting at midnight. However, the best time is at 4 am.

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