Travel insurance also protects you in cases of lost luggage: learn how the service works

Imagine the following scene: you arrive at your destination in a vacation trip and when it's time to collect checked luggage, it just doesn't show up at the airport carousel. It even seems like a nightmare, after all, all your personal and necessary items to enjoy the trip were there.

Despite being something that no one wants to face, the dreaded loss of luggage is a more common problem than you might think. Airline failures, loss of luggage tag, theft, changing mats, connection problems, among others, are some of the reasons for this to happen. But did you know that the Travel insurance can also help to recover your belongings in such cases? Find out more about it. 

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How travel insurance can help with lost luggage

insurance for lost luggage

Insurance for lost luggage. Photo: Freshh Connection / Unsplash

THE Travel insurance It is essential for anyone planning their next vacation. However, more than protecting against unforeseen events that may happen during your stay in another destination, such as covering medical and dental expenses, travel insurance also offers solutions in case of problems with your luggage. 

If your luggage goes missing, the Allianz Travel travel insurance, for example, also provides support through a daily follow-up so that your luggage is found quickly.

However, assuming that your luggage is officially declared lost by the airline, the company also pays compensation for your loss. That's why it's so important to hire travel insurance with a serious and committed company, as these services make all the difference when unforeseen events happen. 

How to claim compensation in case of lost luggage

Let's suppose your luggage goes missing. The procedure for claiming your rights is simple: you must, first of all, report the loss of your belongings at the service desk of your airline.

There, you must fill out a form called PIR (Property Irregularity Report) and receive a kind of protocol. Keep this document and contact the company responsible for your travel insurance, reporting the problem.

You will then need to provide some information to the insurer, which we have listed below: 

  • PIR number (protocol issued by the airline);
  • Full name and CPF;
  • Airline name;
  • Flight number and scale;
  • Luggage tag;
  • Brief description of the luggage.

How do I get compensation for lost luggage?

After the procedure detailed above, your travel insurance assistance must carry out a daily follow-up, informing you about the news regarding your luggage passed by the airline. 

Some insurers, such as Allianz Travel, offer support in Portuguese and 24 hours a day, ensuring more effective communication. Logistical support to try to find your luggage takes place for eight days in the case of domestic travel and twenty-two days in the case of international travel, following rules determined by the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency).

After this period, if your luggage is not found, it is considered officially and definitively lost. In this case, you will receive compensation for the damage caused. 

What are the other travel insurance coverages?

Insurance for lost luggage. Photo: Goh Rhy Yan / Unsplash

In addition to the issue of lost luggage, travel insurance is a good investment for travelers because it offers other benefits. With a relatively low cost, the service allows the contractor to have security and comfort in different situations.  

Depending on the plan to be hired, the insurance covers expenses in various emergency situations, such as:

  • Refunds for canceled or delayed flights;
  • Pharmaceutical care
  • Dental expenses;
  • Hospital expenses;
  • Loss of documents;
  • Lost cards.

As we never know when these unforeseen events will arise, it is always important to include travel insurance in your financial planning during your vacation or business trip.

How to buy travel insurance

Currently, taking out travel insurance is getting simpler. However, it is worth researching an insurance company that has been in the market for years and has a good reputation before hiring the service. 

Our tip for those who want to buy travel insurance is to Allianz Travel, which has great reviews on platforms like Reclame Aqui. The company offers plans that provide assistance to pregnant women, backpackers, families, among other possibilities, and has coverage on air, land and sea routes. 

You can quote and purchase travel insurance online. clicking here.  

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