Louvre Museum, in Paris, announces reopening date and new rules for visitation after the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

After being closed for more than 2 months to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in France, The Louvre Museum finally announced a date for reopening.

The museum released a statement that it will reopen its doors on July 6. Besides him, youSeveral museums, gardens and cultural institutions have opened or are preparing to reopen in the country.

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Louvre Museum Paris reopens

Louvre Museum in Paris. Photo: henriquesaf / Pixabay

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced that museums will begin to reopen from June. A provisional timetable for the reopening of certain public institutions was later released by the Minister of Culture, Frank Riester, after a meeting with presidents of large establishments.

Visitors should book tickets to museums in advance and new signs will be installed to control the flow of people into the buildings. Those entitled to free admission were also instructed to book a time to visit.

The online booking system, which the museum has previously used for highly successful exhibitions, will open on June 15.

Louvre Museum

The largest art museum in the world is also one of the main postcards of Paris, France. The Louvre Museum houses no less than 460,000 works, including World Heritage jewelry such as the Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa and various pieces produced by ancient civilizations such as Egyptian, Greek and Roman.

The famous Louvre pyramid, now a symbol of the museum, caused a lot of controversy when it was added to the original building in 1989. Designed by the American architect IMPei, the glass and metal structure is 21 meters high in the shape of a Pyramid.

THE Louvre Museum it is divided into eight departments: Egyptian Antiquities; Near Eastern Antiquities; Greek, Roman and Etruscan art; Islamic art; Decorative arts; Painting; Engravings and drawings; Sculptures.

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