Low-cost train in the UK promises to run the journey from £14.90, less than half the current rates

One of the most used means of transport in world literature to set its plots is the train, mainly a train across Europe. There is for us from Brazil a certain romantic aura in traveling in wagons with cabins and beds, enjoying a meal in the restaurant wagon and observing the beautiful European landscapes of transcontinental lines.

Even having left the European Union, the United Kingdom still fascinates thousands of tourists from all over the world who are looking for a memorable and fascinating train journey. And now the country has decided to invest in a new low-cost train line that will connect London, in England, the Edinburgh, Scotland, from October 2021.

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Low cost train in the UK

low cost train uk

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This point is important because this new electric train line, called Lumo, will charge just £14.90 (R$ 115.00) for nearly five hours, covering a 630 kilometer route. Other similar lines that run through cities more connected to the European Community (such as Paris to Dijon, in France, or Rome to Florence, in Italy) end up being more expensive: in the first case the average price is R$ 162 to cover 262 kilometers; in the second case, the ticket costs an average of R$104.00 (standard) to R$ 488.00 (1st class) for the 232 kilometers of the route.

The great advantage and a strong attraction of the new company is to encourage more sustainable and accessible travel between the capitals of the United Kingdom. The country's train travel has long been a point of contention, with high ticket prices often high on people's complaints list. Many are waiting for Lumo to start changing all that and now that the service has launched, it seems like finding a cheaper ticket might not be as easy as initially expected.

Initially, the light will offer two services a day between London and Edinburgh, Newcastle and the town of Morpeth in Northumberland. As more new trains are delivered, the frequency will increase to five daily trips each way. Some services will place a call to pick up (northbound) or return (southbound) at Stevenage near Luton Airport.

You Lumo trains – owned by First Group, which also operates Hull Trains – operate on the same line as LNER (London North Eastern Railway), the state-controlled operator that took over the route when the Virgin franchise was handed back to the government in 2018. of Lumo is to make its trains simpler and more economical, offering only one class of transport and two types of tickets.

Competing with the likes of East Coast and LNER, Lumo aims to “reimagine what it means to travel by train” and will provide an onboard catering service, as well as access to movies and boxed shows and other TV shows. After all, the trip is long and tiring, even if the passenger is surrounded by comfort.

The inaugural Lumo service departed from King's Cross in London on Thursday, October 21, with many special guests including American singer Katie Price's son Harvey - who is the company's Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador - and the Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker.

LNER, which currently runs two trains an hour between capitals, sells its cheapest tickets between London and Edinburgh for around £50 (R$ 385.00), although rail cardholders can reduce this fare to £33 (R$ 254.00).

Lumo also aims to lure passengers away from the airlines: British Airways and easyJet currently have more than 20 flights each way to a total of five London airports, with fares typically starting at £47 and £27 (R$ 362 .00 and R$ 208.00) respectively.

One of the main selling points before Lumo's launch was that 60% of all single fares would cost under £30 (R$ 231.00) with fares starting from £14.90 (R$ 115.00) from London to Newcastle. At the time, the company had promised that all individual trips before 1 December and 2021 would cost £19.90 (R$ 153.00) or less, provided they were booked at least the day before, with a maximum of one person paying for the booking. on the same date of travel being £69 (R$ 532.00).

Many British Touring Vehicles, however, did some research and found that £14.90 tickets are currently very hard to come by. Most services during the first full week in operation cost £69 a ticket, with the first cheap option arriving on 1 November – when you can get a £19.90 ticket on departure at 2.36pm.

Some British newspapers have reported that while the new operator has far fewer trains than its giant state-owned rival LNER, the new company plans a first train to the north much sooner. What's more, on weekdays at 5:45 am from London's King's Cross they will arrive in Newcastle at 8:39 am and in Edinburgh at 10:10 am – 62 minutes before the first departure of LNER trains. Early arrival will help Lumo's goal of attracting passengers even from airlines.

Heading south, LNER maintains its clear edge: the only four-hour day trip leaves Edinburgh at 5:40 a.m., stops only in Newcastle, and arrives in London at 9:40 a.m., after covering the terrain at an average of 157.72 kilometers per hour.

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