The tourist train that runs the Curitiba – Morretes stretch has just won fully luxurious wagons for its trips

The news released on February 20 by the Serra Verde Express, the company that operates tourist trains on the Paranaguá – Curitiba railroad, can be another good reason for those who want to know the landscapes of Serra do Mar embarked on an experience that recalls old railroad trips, passing through the beauties of the coast and the historic cities of the Paraná.

The traditional train that follows the route from Curitiba to the city of Morretes, close to the coast of Paraná, has already been indicated in our selection of 10 train rides to do in Brazil, being one of the most popular train trips in the country. Now the already established tourist attraction in Paraná, has just received two new fully luxurious wagons with period decoration, inspired by the nostalgic and glamorous trains of the 30s.

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External view of the Curitiba – Morretes train. Photo: Renato Fernandes / Publicity

THE train trip through Serra do Mar has already been elected by the American vehicle "The Wall Street Journal”, as one of the three most interesting luxury rail tours in the world. On the trip, passengers have the possibility to get to know the landscapes of the Atlantic Forest, covering mountains, waterfalls, valleys, historic cities and a bridge inaugurated in 1885 that works perfectly until today, forming a free span with about 110 meters high.

These new wagons receive a service similar to the traditional one offered in the best category of the train, the first class of the Serra Verde Express is known as Litorina de Luxo and has some special treatments in its onboard service dedicated to this class, such as exclusive breakfast, bilingual guide (Portuguese/English), welcome drink, onboard service with unlimited drinks, among other treats during the trip.

Offering one more option for those who want to take this fun ride, now with even more comfort, the newly opened wagon Imperial follows the concept of the classic dining cars that were successful during the heyday of Brazilian rail travel. This train that makes the trip through Serra do Mar is the first luxury train in Brazil, with extreme comfort, creating an even more interesting environment to enjoy during the tour.

The train ride starts at Curitiba Railway Station, with the final stop being the historic city of Mortars. After disembarking, passengers usually take the opportunity to make a city tour through the city of Morretes and Antonina. Serra do Mar is an immense conglomerate of mountains covered with native Atlantic Forest, and despite encompassing other municipalities and regions, the highest part is in the state of Paraná. The train journey lasts approximately 4h15 and is also recommended for young children. Check departure times on here.

Economic class – Only the ticket without on-board service;
Tourist Class – Ticket with on-board service and Portuguese guide;
Stateroom or Imperial – Ticket with on-board service, cabin for 4 people and Portuguese/English guide;
Standard coastline – Travel with more comfort, following the old BUDD cars, on-board service with water, soda and beer, snack kit, air conditioning and Portuguese/English guide;
Luxury Coastline Travel in a luxury wagon, following the old BUDD cars, with differentiated on-board service, air conditioning and bilingual guide;

New luxury car on the Curitiba – Morretes train. Photo: Disclosure

First class coaches are more comfortable and offer exclusive onboard service. Photo: Disclosure

The new car also offers cabins for up to 4 people. Photo: Disclosure

Foz do Iguaçu da Litorina wagon in the Luxury Category. Photo: Special Paraná

The restaurant cars are inspired by trains from the 1930s. Photo: Disclosure

Foz do Iguaçu da Litorina wagon in the Luxury Category. Photo: Disclosure

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Serra Verde Express
Reservations: +55 (41) 3888 3488

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