THE Thiago Lopez share your experience at the luxury hotel Maafushivaru Resort, in the Maldives, a small paradise suspended over the waters of the Indian Ocean.

THE Maafushivaru is located in the atoll of ari, on a very small private island, about 500 meters long that can be covered in less than 10 minutes on foot. To reach this paradise it is necessary to take a seaplane in the capital male, on a journey of approximately 20 minutes of breathtaking views and fabulous scenery. Ready to travel? Check out how this experience was.

A postcard factory so no one can fault it. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Lonubo Island: the main attraction of Hotel Maafushivaru

Have you ever imagined sleeping on a private island in the Maldives? This is possible in Maafushivaru, an unforgettable experience that few hotels can provide. The island of Lonubo is located less than 10 minutes from the hotel's main island, is surrounded by crystal clear waters with different shades of blue and has a fantastic structure: comfortable room, kitchen and whirlpool bath are included in the package.

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Here the employees prepare a dinner to make the experience even more complete. It is possible to spend the day or sleep on the island, being necessary to make a reservation in advance.

Aerial view of Lonubo Island, Maldives. Photo: Thiago Lopez

A beach like this just for you? In the Maldives anything is possible. Photo: Thiago Lopez

hotel structure

THE Maafushivaru It has 48 villas, 22 of which are suspended over the water. Academy, spa and a water sports center are also available in the complex.

As it is located on a very small island, there are only two restaurants: a main one, where breakfast is also served, and the second, specializing in Japanese food (reservations required).

The main restaurant operates on a buffet, unlike many other hotels in the Maldives that only offer the menu a la carte. Anyway, I found the meals delicious. The Japanese dinner doesn't need any comments: it's wonderful and it's worth getting a reservation!

Aerial view of the pool: with this sea it is difficult to decide where to stay. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Dinner at the Japanese restaurant. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Restaurant “pé na praia” / Swimming pool overlooking the beach. Photo: Thiago Lopez

A super charming village suspended over the water. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Aerial view of the hotel's private island. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Some shades of blue from Maafushivaru. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Photo: Thiago Lopez

Activities offered by the hotel

The hotel is located on an atoll with the highest concentration of life and biodiversity I have ever seen in the Maldives! (I have had the opportunity to stay in other hotels and I can say that I had the best experience).

The activities are accompanied by the presence of biologists who live here and who accompany you on some tours, such as encounters with whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtle safari, among other options that need to be scheduled.

How I just passed 3 days at this hotel, unfortunately I could not book the shark and stingray tour, which I found to be super interesting. Stay for a next time.

Snorkeling to see sea turtles. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Photo: Thiago Lopez

As mentioned in the title, I considered the Maafushivaru as one of the most photogenic in the Maldives, besides having corals and a very rich marine life.

The possibility of seeing whale sharks and manta rays (all accompanied by biologists), also makes the hotel very attractive among the many options found in the Maldives. A really interesting differential for those looking to be enchanted by the marine world of the Indian Ocean. Did you like the tips?

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