An ideal destination for lovers of ecotourism and adventure, the Brazilian chapadas bring together grandiose natural spectacles that provide travelers with extreme contact with nature. Scattered throughout Brazil, the attractions are true ecological refuges that have been attracting tourists from all over the world for years. However, only recently it has been gaining more and more admirers and space on the travelers' list.

In order to stimulate tourism in these regions, the Chapada Brasil Tours seeks to offer different attractions that contemplate some of the main Brazilian chapadas. Find out more about each of them:

Chapada dos Guimaraes

In order to preserve the wide variety of natural resources found in the Chapada dos Guimarães region (Mato Grosso), the Chapada National Park was created in 1989. The park is located in the municipalities of Chapada dos Guimarães and Cuiabá, and is well known for the Waterfall Circuit or Caminho das Águas as it is also called.

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MT - Chapada Guimaraes

When you're there, be sure to visit Vale do Rio Claro, Caminho dos Paredões and Cachoeira Véu da Noiva, one of the best-known spots in Chapada. The caves in the region are also worth mentioning, such as the Aroe Jari Cave and the Kiogo Brado Cave.

MT - Chapada Guimaraes2

MT - Chapada Guimaraes3

MT - Chapada Guimaraes4

MT - Chapada Guimaraes5

Veadeiros Plateau

Landscapes of rare beauty, springs, dozens of waterfalls and many activities in nature make Chapada dos Veadeiros an excellent destination option in the Brazilian cerrado. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001, Chapada is considered by many an enigmatic place, attracting mystics who believe in the strength of its crystals and cosmic energies.

Goias - Chapada dos Veadeiros2

For those who like peace, in the quiet village of São Jorge, in Chapada dos Veadeiros for example, the streets of the small village are still dirt, and at night, that sky far from any pollution allows the stars to shine even more strongly. If the proposal is to get to know the region away from the crowds, choose to visit Chapada on weekdays, outside the high season. As the destination is relatively close to Brasília (only 230km away) and some cities in Goiás, on holidays and weekends the movement grows a lot. The municipalities of Cavalcante and Alto Paraíso de Goiás are part of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. In this other article we cite what do we like to do there?.

Goias - Chapada dos Veadeiros4

Goias - Chapada dos Veadeiros5

Chapada Diamantina

In the Northeast region, Chapada Diamantina proves that Bahia is not just beaches and coconut trees. The state also preserves a rich fauna with unique vegetation, crystal clear water springs, mountains, viewpoints, waterfalls and many activities for travelers to enjoy outdoors!

Bahia - Chapada Diamantina3

Bahia - Chapada Diamantina 5

Declared a National Park in the 1980s, Chapada Diamantina attracts adventure-seeking tourists. The destination is also known for hosting one of the largest waterfalls in Brazil, the Cachoeira da Fumaça, and one of the most beautiful, the Buracão Waterfall framed by a canyon with its 85 meters high. nearby, the Blue Well it is also a destination that deserves your visit.

Bahia - Chapada Diamantina 2

Chapada das Mesas

Also in the Northeast region, the Chapada das Mesas National Park is an environmental protection area in the center-south of Maranhão, close to the border with Tocantins, which has enchanting scenery. Chapada covers the municipalities of Carolina, Riachão, Imperatriz and Estreito, the first two being the best known in the region, considered the gateway to the park. The tours are usually made with 4×4 vehicles that travel through the dirt streets of the region.

The rock formations are true sculptures that stand out in the local geography, becoming natural spectacles seen during most of the trip. In addition to the landscapes and panoramic views found in Chapada, the waterfalls of the Santuário da Pedra Caída, and the crystal-clear water wells, are excellent places for bathing.

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