THE Argentine Patagonia covers a gigantic territory, and exploring it without knowing where to start or what you will find, can disrupt your trip. To help you, we've separated the main tourist places that you shouldn't miss.

Much of the Argentina and, by the way, a little bit of Chile: this, in short, is the area occupied by the Patagonia, which holds some of the greatest charms of our continent and, it is safe to say, the world.

Many tourists travel to destinations in this region, by the way, without knowing that they are in the charming Patagonia, as in Bariloche, one of the main choices for those who want to ski in Argentina. Some things tend not to change regardless of the city visited, such as the harsh winter, but each corner has its charms and particularities.

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Before traveling to Argentine Patagonia, therefore, seek to define how you intend to enjoy your trip and what you want to see. Do you want to observe the local fauna? Play sports in the snow? Simply admiring the stunning landscapes? No matter what your answer is: the Patagonia it certainly has the right tourist sites for your needs.

emerald lake

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Among all the lakes of the famous Ushuaia and even those existing throughout the Argentine Patagonia, the emerald lake, or Emerald Lagoon, as it is known locally, is likely to emerge victorious in a contest of beauty and demand by tourists.

Its greenish waters have made it one of the main tourist places to visit in Argentine Patagonia, with the average difficulty found to reach it becoming insignificant in the face of so much beauty. As the city receives a high number of tourists from Brazil, some destination agencies end up focusing on the Brazilian market, as is the case of Ushuaia Extremo, which offers transfers and city tours with guides in Portuguese.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Another formidable attraction to discover in Ushuaia is the imposing Vinciguerra Glacier. The walk to the ice wall is extremely difficult and takes an average of 7 to 9 hours round trip. The tour is recommended for people who have experience with longer trekking.


The adventurers who decide to face the 13 km uphill are rewarded with an inhospitable scenery full of riches. Upon reaching the base of the mountain where the glacier is located, Laguna de los Tempanos, one of the most beautiful in the region. In this part of the route, tourists can choose to contemplate the glacier from afar, or go around the lagoon of green waters and walk to ice caves, located on the edges of Vinciguerra.

Chubut Province

Attractions Patagonia Argentina. Valdes Peninsula. Photo: Foto4440 / iStockphoto

Still in Ushuaia it is possible to come across penguins at specific times of the year and other animal species, but it is in Chubut Province that you should be if your goal is to meet tourist places in Patagonia Argentina rich in marine fauna.


With a specific region, formed by Peninsula Valdés, Trelew and Puerto Madryn, the Province of Chubut offers a real gift to its visitors, allowing the observation not only of penguins, but also of dolphins, whales, sea lions and even elephants. -marine.

Remembering: this is just the marine fauna, there is still a lot to be seen.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Patagonia attractions Argentina

Attractions Patagonia Argentina. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When talking about the main Argentine landscapes, the Perito Moreno Glacier, located in El Calafate, cannot be left out. It is an immense and imposing wall of ice 60 meters high, which attracts thousands of tourists annually.

El Calafate also has two other impressive glaciers: Upsala and Viedma, both of which continue to form while constantly losing parts of their structure to the water. Can you imagine how incredible it is to witness the exact moment when part of the ice wall breaks free?

El Chalten

Patagonia attractions Argentina

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Named as the Trekking capital in Argentina, the city of El Chalten is located in southern Patagonia and is surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes and forests that stand out for being in a totally inhospitable part of the globe. These fascinating scenarios attract tourists from all over the world who are looking for days immersed in lush and untouched nature. The natural attractions can be accessed by the numerous trails that make the place famous.

Among the highlights is the Los Três Trail, one of the most coveted for providing the best view of Mount Fitz Roy, an imposing stone wall with 3359 meters high, located in the Los Glaciares National Park.

Bariloche and Route of the 7 Lakes

Patagonia attractions Argentina

Attractions Patagonia Argentina. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It's impossible to talk about Patagonia Argentina and not mention the snow tourist resort most sought after by Brazilians. Bariloche has become the most popular destination in Patagonia Argentina due to the number of attractions available in this magical territory of the country. Crystal clear lagoons, ski resorts, snowy mountains, waterfalls and trails through the forests that color the region, are among the main attractions of the destination.

Another tip for those in bariloche is to discover the Route of the 7 Lakes, one of the most beautiful tourist routes in Argentina that brings together the most beautiful lakes in northern Patagonia.

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