One fjord it is a large sea inlet surrounded by high rocky mountains. Such landscapes are common in Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Norway, but not restricted to them. Here in the Brazil it is possible to witness one, and only one, occurrence of this phenomenon.

In the southwest of Rio de Janeiro, in the municipality of paraty, is where we find the only tropical fjord in the world: the Mamanguá bag. Considered as such because it is not surrounded by snowy mountains, like those found in the north of the planet, but because of the incredible biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest.

The greenish sea invades the continent for 8km. THE Mamanguá bag bathes an enormous environmental reserve that can only be accessed by trails or boats without a motor. The protected region also has 10 rivers, 30 beaches and dozens of waterfalls hidden among the forests.

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It is home to several species of turtles, fish, seahorses and dolphins. However, the biggest attraction only appears after dark, with total absence of light. The plankton present in the water, when agitated, glow fluorescent like aquatic fireflies.

The success of the preservation of the place is due to the efforts of the residents of the caiçara communities, the only inhabitants of the region, and environmentalists. Therefore, there are few accommodation options, being reduced to just a few ecological inns and campsites.

One of the most popular tours for anyone visiting the world's only tropical fjord is the Sugarloaf Mountain trail. A steep climb, but without major risks, that leads to the top of the 420-meter peak, revealing a privileged view of the Mamanguá bag.

To reach this Atlantic Forest refuge, the best option is to drive to the village of Paraty-Mirim and, from there, take a boat to the attraction.

Photo: Paulo Rapoport

Photo: Kauan Lima

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Photo: Sec Tur. paraty

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