Man dressed as a dinosaur tried to circumvent the quarantine in Spain, but was caught by local police

THE Spain is the second European country with the highest number of coronavirus cases, behind only Italy. Therefore, the authorities of the countries decreed quarantine last Saturday (the 14th). In this condition, people are prohibited from leaving the house, except in specific situations.

However, in an attempt to circumvent this situation, a man who lives in Murcia, an autonomous province in the south of the country, went out dressed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the streets. The moment was filmed and publicized by city police, which had to contain the supposed dinosaur's escape. At the end of the video, which features the film's soundtrack Jurassic Park , a message: stay home.

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dinosaur man spain

Photo: Playback/Twitter

As of this Friday afternoon (the 20th), Spain has almost 20,000 cases of coronavirus (Covid-19).

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Gol offers free airline tickets to healthcare professionals

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