Find out which vaccinations are required to travel abroad and the destinations that can affect your health the most

Travel abroad is the dream of many people, but did you know that, as in some national trips? Know that you need to pay extra attention to your health to have a smooth and unforeseen trip. 

In addition, some regions that are part of the Amazon and Asia require the yellow fever vaccine. It is also worth remembering that many destinations can harbor diseases that manifest themselves due to climate and biodiversity, for example.

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Find out below what vaccines do you need to take before traveling abroad and ensure a smooth journey.

Mandatory vaccinations for travel abroad

See which vaccinations are mandatory for travel abroad. Photo: via Folha Vitoria

Mandatory vaccinations for traveling abroad

There is no vaccine that is mandatory in all countries, after all, each one has its own particularities with regard to epidemics. Brazil is a clear example of this: we have already had serious problems with yellow fever here, but those who choose to come here don't have to worry about rabies, for example.

See below the list of vaccinations needed to travel abroad and where they are required:

  •         Hepatitis A: it is needed in Asia and coastal destinations or without adequate sanitation;
  •         Yellow fever: required for travel in South America and Africa;
  •         Rage: is mandatory vaccine only in India;
  •         Typhoid fever: should be taken for visits to Asia, Africa, coastal cities or without adequate sanitation;
  •         Meningococcal meningitis: required for travel to the Sahara area known as the Meningitis Belt and to Mecca, Saudi Arabia;
  •         Poliomyelitis: Mandatory Vaccination for Travel to India and Pakistan.

Note that there are only six types of vaccines that cover dozens of countries, but don't just pay attention to that.

For get vaccinated to travel it is necessary to be careful with some details so that it has the desired effect and is accepted, as we will talk about next.

How to get vaccinated to travel abroad

Regarding the simple fact of taking the required vaccine, there is not much of a secret: it is enough to look for a health center or even an international airport, such as Guarulhos (GRU), but this second option may require much more time than necessary. .

Therefore, another point that needs to be respected is the amount of doses and the time between one application and another, ensuring that the vaccine really takes effect. For example: you must be vaccinated against yellow fever at least 10 days before traveling to a country in South America, or every 3 years against typhoid fever in order to explore Africa and Asia without fear of getting sick. Hepatitis A is divided into 2 doses with an interval of 6 months.

Therefore, to have no doubts about this, contact ANVISA and inform yourself. It is also this organ that you should look for with your vaccination card in hand to obtain the International Vaccination Certificate, completely free. Its posts are located both at airports and at borders and ports, making it easier to obtain this mandatory document to be presented at the immigration of the chosen destination (if it requires vaccination).

So now that you know which vaccines to take before traveling abroad, there are no more excuses: a simple and quick prick on the arm can make your trip a success and literally save your life.

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