After all, what is the purpose of travel insurance? This issue is increasingly important for Brazilian travelers

According to the National Federation of Private Pensions and Life (FenaPrevi), search for travel insurance in Brazil grew 19.2% in the last quarter of 2019. But why are so many Brazilian travelers worried about hiring this service? 

In addition to the requirement of some countries where the Travel insurance is mandatory, the service has become an ally for those who want to avoid unforeseen events and problems when away from home. Find out what exactly travel insurance is for. 

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Mandatory travel insurance: what is it for? 

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But after all, what is the use of mandatory travel insurance? For starters, travel insurance not only helps the traveler with health issues, but also in cases of airline delay, trip cancellation or other setbacks that can occur for both business and leisure travellers.  

To better understand its purpose and importance, here are some cases where you can use the service: 


Can you imagine having your suitcase damaged after the trip or, even worse, not seeing it go through the conveyor belt because it was stolen or lost? Nobody deserve! The coverage for lost luggage guarantees compensation in this type of case and does not let you lose out.

Health care

Of course, precisely during a trip, no one wants to get sick or have an accident, but it can happen to anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare and hire medical assistance coverage, even because of the high amount charged in some countries if you do not have travel insurance. 

airline delay

If you are on the contracted plan, if the airline delays the flight, know that you can appeal to compensation. That way, you can schedule another trip, stay somewhere nearby, or even save the money for other occasions. 

trip cancellation

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your trip – such as in case of an accident, loss of documents or change of job – you can also get your money back. Depending on the coverage purchased, you can reimburse up to 80% of expenses generated by ticket fines or even canceled tour packages. 

In which countries is travel insurance mandatory? 

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Did you know that in some countries the Travel insurance is required? In Europe, for example, this happens because of the Schengen Treaty, in which the tourist must have a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros. 

Stay tuned in countries that require insurance and are part of the Treaty: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

Other countries also ask that the Travel insurance be done. Cuba has a minimum coverage of U$ 10,000.00 for medical assistance, and Venezuela has a minimum coverage of U$ 40,000.00 for medical assistance, medical and funeral repatriation. Australia also requires exchange students to have Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC).

And in non-mandatory countries, what to do? 

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Even in countries where insurance is not mandatory, such as the United States, it is recommended that the service be contracted. That's because, in some cases, a simple consultation can cost 500 dollars, can you imagine having to bear a more serious problem?  

In addition, the convenience of knowing that you are protected in case something happens makes you enjoy your trip better. Have you ever thought about having to worry about problems during your leisure time?  

Tips when buying travel insurance

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But when it comes to hiring a Travel insurance? We have some tips to consider before choosing your insurance company: 

  • See if the insurance has the necessary coverage;
  • Look for the quality of care;
  • Search and look for references of the company to be hired;
  • Check the value of the insurance and its cost-benefit;
  • Prioritize calls made 24 hours a day.

Before hiring, research all these points well to avoid falling into scams or having headaches if you need to use insurance. With this, you will be protected and your trip will also be much smoother. 

How to buy travel insurance 

It is very easy to buy travel insurance and you can even sign up for the service online. THE Allianz Travel, for example, allows you to make a quote on its website – according to needs, age and travel days – and then hire the ideal insurance. 

The company is already well known in the market and offers three types of plans available. Another advantage is that the service is provided 24 hours a day and in Portuguese. 

+ Info

Allianz Travel
Phone: 0800 770 8020/ (11) 4331-5445
WhatsApp: (11) 94128 8586

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