Created by John Hopkins University, in the United States, a real-time map highlights countries not yet affected by the coronavirus 

The number of infected with the coronavirus (covid-19) only increases around the world - there are more than 189 thousand affected so far. So that people can follow the progress of the pandemic in real time, the John Hopkins University, in the United States, created a map to track case numbers to date.

But that's not all: the map, which can be accessed by anyone, also shows the number of people already cured – there are 77,657 worldwide, the majority in China. In addition, it also presents the countries that have not yet been affected by the disease.

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In Europe, for example, the only country not yet affected is Montenegro, a republic located in the Balkans. The African continent is the one with the fewest cases of infections, with 30 countries still free of the disease, including destinations very frequented by tourists, such as Tanzania and Madagascar. In Oceania, only Papua-New-Guinea, Solomon, Vanatu and Fiji have not yet been affected by Covid-19.


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In Latin America, the country with the highest number of cases is Brazil, with 301 infected people. Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile closed their borders, in addition to other actions to contain the spread of the disease. So far, only El Salvador and Nicaragua have not recorded any cases of the disease.

You can access the map through from this link.

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