Discover the beauties and dive into the natural pools of Maracajaú, just 55 km from Natal, the perfect stop to discover the Potiguar Caribbean

Known mainly for its desirable coastline covered by orange cliffs and small villages, the large northern river has been increasingly attracting the attention of tourists looking for a destination with sun, beach and tours dedicated to pleasing the whole family.

Parrachos de Maracajaú

You Parrachos de Maracajaú – How are these known? natural pools -, are located in the municipality of Maxaranguape, just 55 km from the state capital. Due to the proximity of Christmas, you tours to Maracajaú they can be done during one day and do not require an overnight stay in the city, although this can be a very profitable experience for those who have more days on the agenda.

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These tours are offered by Maracajaú Diver and depart from the city's beach clubs, such as Manoa Park, a large seaside leisure complex. The park also serves as a support point for tourists and visitors who want to discover the beauties of the Caribbean, an affectionate nickname that refers to the great Caribbean destinations, precisely because it guarantees some unique characteristics such as the incredible transparency of the sea and the enviable shades of blue.

This beach club has a complete structure with restaurants, tents on the sand and spaces to relax while waiting for the dive to start or getting ready to enjoy the activities that take place in this region, such as the motorized quadricycle tours that travel through dunes, lagoons and much of the city's coastline.


After arriving at the beach, it is about 7 km sailing in speedboats until reaching the floating ones that rest peacefully in the middle of a sea of extremely blue color and crystalline waters. During the ebb of the tide that fluctuates daily, a large natural pool emerges between the Coral Reefs, forming an ideal stop for those who want to dive and get to know the abundant marine life that chose this place as their home.

Natural pools in Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Gustavo Albano

The natural pools are called Parrachos de Maracajaú. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Marine life

There are different species of fish, molluscs, turtles and a wide variety of animals that live freely in this region. Thanks to the transparency of the water, the baths guarantee unparalleled visibility, especially for those who choose to scuba dive or dive into the water using only the snorkel masks (available free of charge on the floats themselves).

It doesn't take much effort to start seeing the first species that seem to play in front of bathers. An immense variety of colorful fish guarantee the fun of these visitors, and with a little luck, some species of octopus, squid and even sea turtles start to appear.

The low concentration of boats and the absence of engine noise, provide a peaceful environment for the animals that live there, while tourists stay in an area reserved for bathing, a sequence of aquatic species begin to parade among the corals and can be seen easily to the naked eye.

The immensity of natural pools delighted upon arrival. A few kilometers from the floating ones, you can already have a small idea of what the Potiguar Caribbean has in store for you. Certainly one of the best baths near Natal, which can be done in a day trip from the largest city in the state.

Natural pools in Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Even on board the speedboat in motion, it is possible to see the corals that begin to sprout along the path traveled. The most impressive thing is that even at a depth of approximately 10 meters, it is already possible to see the reefs that rest on the bottom of the sea, so clear are these waters.

At first timidly and then, as they approach the floating ones, the seabed seems to take on a life of its own and even more extensive proportions. Arriving at the floating, visibility becomes even clearer and what seems to be an exaggeration, begins to be verified: the Brazilian Caribbean does exist and is hidden inside the large northern river, surrounded by marine life that leaves any diver with a “taste of wanting more”.


After getting the equipment diving and listen to the instructors' recommendations, it's time to hit the sea and enjoy the ride with peace of mind. For bathers who want this experience, but have never scuba dived, the team that works on the floats accompany visitors throughout the journey, ensuring total safety throughout our Brazilian Caribbean. This initiation called “baptism”, is aimed at amateurs who do not have a diving certificate, but want to feel the experience of being fully immersed in one of the most amazing coastlines in Brazil.

 Maracajaú natural pools

Natural pools in Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Gustavo Albano

If you have already taken a diving course and have a certificate that proves your knowledge, the team provides the necessary equipment for the experience and you can follow the free route, according to the guidance of the team located on board. Can scuba diving be something out of your reality? Be sure to enjoy the tour with the help of a snorkel, buoys and a pool float (also available for free), the experience is sure to be worth any effort.

Did you enjoy this tour through one of the most interesting destinations in large northern river? Find out what to do on your vacation and check out our other tips about the region.

Natural pools in Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Gustavo Albano

 Maracajaú natural pools

View of the Potiguar Caribbean corals. Photo: Maracajaú Diver

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