Check out a complete itinerary visiting three super famous beaches on the northeast coast: Porto de Galinhas, Tamandaré and Porto de Galinhas

The most sought after destination in Alagoas is the perfect choice for couples and families with young children. The high temperatures that remain during most of the year, provide an ideal climate for those visiting the “Brazilian Caribbean”. The greenish water tones and the great barrier reef that goes from the north coast of Alagoas to the beaches south of Pernambuco, a neighboring state, attracts travelers who want to enjoy the paradisiacal landscapes that make up this coast of northeastern Brazil.

The traveler can enjoy in addition to unique views, enjoy a rich cuisine, with a wide variety of fish and curious combinations of seafood that fills the eyes. Lots of coconut water and caiçara culture will not be missing from the menu. In this exciting region, alagoas and Pernambuco are an excellent choice for those who want to spend their holidays enjoying the Brazilian coast, whether looking for excitement or peace, you will find the right beach for your vacation.

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Itinerary through Maragogi, Tamandaré and Porto de Galinhas


Photo: Gustavo Albano

Starting with location, maragogi it is precisely in the middle of two beautiful Brazilian capitals, Maceió and Recife. In the heart of the Brazilian Northeast, in one of the most privileged places on the map, consecrated as one of the most visited routes in the country. The average distance between each of them is 130 km. For those traveling by plane, you can choose Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport (AL) or Recife International Airport (PE).

During our trip, we chose to start our journey through Alagoas, as we wanted to spend a few days getting to know the capital and its surroundings. During this period, we had Costazul Turismo that supported us from Maceió to maragogi, tamandaré and Port of Chickens, but they also have a transfer that goes the other way, leaving Recife, and in both capitals they leave you at the airport or hotel, if you wish. This is an interesting alternative for couples, groups of friends, families or small excursions who want to save money, but do not give up safe transport during the trip. The routes are daily for both directions, check availability and schedules with them during the period you travel. If you are traveling with your own vehicle or want to rent a car to enjoy your own itinerary, the agency also offers personalized options that can help you to enjoy the main destinations in the region.

Due to its strategic location, staying in maragogi It is a great option for those who have time and want to get around easily to other nearby places. As the neighboring state is very close, it is worth extending a few more days to discover other tourist attractions. Be sure to explore, for example, the surroundings such as Japaratinga, another even more paradisiacal municipality in Alagoas, Praia do Patacho in Porto de Pedras and Praia do Gunga in Barra de São Miguel (AL). In Pernambuco, very close to Praia dos Carneiros in tamandaré and Port of Chickens are also important parts of the route. It's all very close, why not enjoy it?



Maragogi – Maceio 135 km
Maragogi – Barra de São Miguel 170 km
Maragogi – Marshal Deodoro 160 km


Maragogi – Recife 135 km
Maragogi – Porto de Galinhas 80 km
Maragogi – Tamandaré 49 km
Maragogi – Olinda 145 km

Script attractions


Photo: Gustavo Albano

The natural pools of maragogi are a fascination apart. You must have already seen an image of those catamarans typical of the region floating in pools in an immense barrier reef. With crystal clear waters and a rich marine life, this is the second largest coral coast in the world, after the Australian coast. The scenery holds one of the most unusual and fascinating destinations in the country, known as the Galés de maragogi. Formations in reefs create true aquariums 6 km out to sea, in front of the small shore of the municipality. They are natural pools with a wide variety of colorful fish that interact with tourists posing for underwater photos. For those who want to know the famous swimming pools of maragogi, it is worth paying attention to the tide schedule as soon as you arrive in the region, as the tours are made at low tide and vary according to each day. In the website maragogi Online you can see the table with the times and days, if you plan ahead: Tide Table in Maragogi.

Altogether there are 10 beaches in the city, each one with its different characteristics and attractions. In 23 km of coastline are Maragogi beach (from the center), Ponta de Mangue, Barra Grande, Xaréu, Dourado, Camacho, Burgalhau, Peroba, São Bento and the best known in the region, with absurdly clear waters: Praia de Antunes .


Photo: Gustavo Albano

To see maragogi from another angle, close to the center, the Alto do Cruzeiro restaurant located on a mountain is well recommended by the locals, providing a spectacular view of the small waterfront. From above, the panoramic view of the sea highlights all the shades of turquoise green, while the catamarans and coconut trees complete the Maragogi horizon. Down there, the routine of the caiçaras and that climate of root Brazil doesn't stop. Fishermen, artisans, buggy drivers and tourists share the same paradise in healthy harmony. On the waterfront, there are options of bars and kiosks for all tastes and pockets, all with something in common: coconut water is almost free, always very cold. In addition to a restaurant, Alto do Cruzeiro is also a guesthouse and offers options for apartments with this view:


Photo: Gustavo Albano

Going a little further maragogi, in Port of Chickens the movement is also constant, as well as the neighboring destination, many hotels, inns and seaside resorts are mandatory stops for travelers from all over the world. In this scenario, the landscape already changes, walking through the village, sculptures of chickens scattered throughout the beach appear exalting one of the most visited destinations in Brazil. They are in the form of payphones or decorating the shops in the form of souvenirs. The Alagoas catamarans provide space for small rafts that used to serve only as a means for fishermen to get around this Pernambuco destination. Today the flow of tourists has gradually increased and now the rafts also serve as support to take visitors to the natural pools, in addition to giving a special touch to the coastal landscape. There, the tide also fluctuates daily and the natural pools are a little smaller than those in neighboring Maragogi. In both there is a control regarding the permanence of people in order not to damage the coast, guaranteeing the preservation of the place. Unlike the Galés de Maragogi, in Porto it is possible to walk to the natural pools. As the distance to the shore is shorter, some tourists risk walking through the shallow waters until they reach the reefs. Which is not very advisable at times, as there is a high concentration of urchins that can cause an unpleasant wound. For your safety, the jangadeiros and local guides advise you on the right way to get around and enjoy the pools without major worries. Arriving at the pools during low tide, the concentration of shoals is perceptible to the naked eye, being a great time for a good photo with the varied fish. At dusk, the bars and restaurants also offer live music, with a variety of options for those who want to make the most of their nightlife. Port of Chickens.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

By catamaran, we went to know a little about tamandaré. The tour starts with a clay bath that promises aesthetic miracles, tourists approve the result after taking the clay found on the beach, in a dip in front of a small strip of sand. After the first stop, the boat heads towards the sandbar on the high seas. One more stop to cool off in the sun that continues to shine, moving away from the sandbank the depth starts to increase, but the weak current presents no risks. Moving on to the last stop before arriving at our main destination, other natural pools form in front of the beach, attracting the attention of tourists. In Tamandaré the climate is different, far from the hustle and bustle, the maxim is to walk barefoot along Carneiros beach in the early afternoon, right after the last stop. The calm waters and the postcard Church give us an indescribable feeling. The date marked at the top is the 18th century, the little church of São Benedito has simple architecture and resembles a painting in the middle of the landscape. On the opposite side of the Church, restaurants are the stop for visitors to relax and have meals already booked during the tour. And as they say over there, if paradise isn't like that, it's very close.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

For transfers and also for tours, we have the Costazul Tourism, they are based in Maragogi and have been working there for some time. To help travelers even more, when you are there, download the “Costazul Turismo” application through Google Play or the App Store, with simplified navigation and offline content, the traveler can browse attractions with photos to get to know the region in a dynamic way, in addition to staying on top of the main tours.

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