Married for 52 years, elderly Italians contracted coronavirus and had to stay in separate rooms. The reunion moment went viral on social media. 

With so much troubling news arriving all the time, the story of an Italian couple has arrived bringing a breath of optimism to everyone's hearts. They are the elderly couple Giorgio and Rosa, who live in the city of Cremona, northern italy.

Together for 52 years and infected by the new coronavirus, the elderly had to remain isolated in different rooms. So Rosa recovered quickly and was discharged early. Giorgio, on the other hand, had to remain hospitalized, as he had the onset of pneumonia.

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However, touched by the story of the elderly, the hospital's medical team decided to make a surprise. As they had already recovered from the disease, they were able to meet again and hug each other for ten minutes. Very emotional, the moment was recorded and ended up going viral on social media.

In testimony to the newspaper Cremona Oggi, the hospital's doctor, Manuela Denti, revealed that it was hard not to get attached to the cute elderly patients. “Giorgio is one of those captivating people. He never regrets, he is always grateful. At a certain point, he confessed to us the sadness he had for wanting to go back home and to his Rosa”, he explained. “We hope that Giorgio joins Rosa soon. He also can't wait to see Willy, the dog they've lived with for 17 years,” said the professional.

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