The largest São João in the world, in addition to being an incredible party held for 30 days, is a great opportunity for you to get to know Campina Grande and its culture

With more than 500 attractions, 120 forró trios and 30 days of Biggest Saint John in the World it is a great request for you to know Campina Grande and all its culture. The city located in wild paraibano It's an incredible destination that gets even better during the month of June, when it turns into a big village.

Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself in the Northeastern culture and enjoy all the animation of this welcoming people, it is worth planning a trip to Campina Grande during their June celebrations.

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It's literally 30 days of party with several presentations, gangs, a lot of forró, typical foods and several traditional games, such as the Bonfire Race and the Jegue Race. The place where the largest São João in the world takes place has 6 concert stages, 5 Forró Islands, traditional tents, museums and scenarios that reproduce the customs and history of the city. And there is no lack of animation and good food.

Want to know more about the largest Saint John in the world? So, check out our tips on this typical festival of Campina Grande and learn everything you can find there.

What is the biggest Saint John in the world like?

big meadow

Photo: Kyller Costa Gorgonio / Wikimedia Commons

Created in 1983 by Mayor Ronaldo Cunha Lima, the largest São João in the world is one of the traditional typical festivals of Campina Grande. During the entire month of June, the city transforms into a large festival, with lots of forró, shows, quadrilles, regional foods and handicrafts.

It is carried out in People's Park, located in the center of the city, and, in just over 42 thousand square meters, it has different structures and spaces where the attractions take place. The location ensures that the party continues even on rainy days, which are frequent at this time in Campina Grande.

The big Campina Grande party, however, competes with another Saint John, that of caruaru, in the countryside of Pernambuco. Both call themselves the largest São João in the world and hold many festivities.

To give you an idea, in Caruaru the streets are decorated even in May and there are more than 400 attractions during the month of June. In Campina Grande, more than 2 million people attend the typical festival.

Main attractions of the largest São João in the world

Photo: angeldivino0 / Pixabay

Immense, the typical festival of Campina Grande has several attractions that guarantee fun during the 30 days of the largest São João in the world. See below which are the main attractions of the largest São João in the world.


It is in the Pyramid that the traditional São João de Campina Grande gang championship takes place. The covered space is wide and, in addition to competitions, it is used for shows and dances, especially forró.

Forró Islands

One of the main attractions of the largest São João in the world are the Forró Islands. There are 5 islands scattered around Parque do Povo. They are spaces characterized as the rural huts, dedicated to the dance of the authentic forró pé-de-serra.

About 90 forró trios pass through the islands of São João de Campina Grande during the 30 nights of partying and bring together a large number of people. The islands are perfect for those who want to know the real forró.

Forró train

Another attraction of São João de Campina Grande is the Forró Train, which takes place every weekend in June. The train ride leaves from Estação Velha and goes to the district of Galante.

During the journey, passengers enjoy a lot of forró to the sound of trios that perform in each of the wagons, duly decorated with June motifs. Upon arriving at the destination, tourists come across a beautiful village, where several June squares take place and there are many stalls with typical foods.

São João site

Sítio São João is a setting with 800 square meters, in Arraial Luiz Gonzaga, which portrays what life was like on a northeastern farm in the past. The place has a church, a bodega, a Casa de Mangaio, a Casa de Farinha and the resident's house, where there are several utensils used at the time. It's a true step back in time.

Vila Nova da Rainha

In the same way, Vila Nova da Rainha makes visitors go back to the past, through the reproduction of the time when Campina Grande was just a village. The scenery has 15 houses, a church and a bandstand. And in the courtyard of the houses there are the traditional games of tallow stick, sack race, donkey race, bonfire race and riddles. In addition, it is possible to buy handicrafts made with wood, burlap, vegetable loofah, sisal, clay, leather or fabric.

Scenographic City and Bonfire

Two other important scenarios of the largest São João in the world are the scenographic city and bonfire. The city has replicas of important points in Campina Grande, such as the Cathedral of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, the Historical and Geographical Museum of Campina Grande and the Casino Eldorado.

The bonfire is 20 meters high and is made with fabric, polyurethane and glue. It is traditional for the typical festival of Campina Grande and makes the atmosphere even more June.

collective marriage

One of the most unusual attractions of São João de Campina Grande is the collective wedding. It is held every year on the day of Saint Anthony, the matchmaker saint. The grand ceremony is financed by the city and allows low-income couples to fulfill their dream of getting married.

Memorial of the Greatest Saint John in the World

Finally, the Memorial of the Greater São João do Mundo gathers photos, newspaper articles and publicity material that portray the history of the party. It is located on Tiradentes Street, a few meters from Parque do Povo.

The collection belongs to professor Cléa Cordeiro and has photos of the construction of the Pyramid, in addition to other important moments of the party since its creation, in 1983. .

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