The route passes through a seclusion center and military bases, as well as excellent bars and restaurants that welcome many Panamanians and guarantee the authenticity of the cuisine.

If you have already strolled through the historic center of Panama City and visited the famous Canal, don't think your trip to the capital is over! An excellent option is to know the Amateur Causeway, or Amateur sidewalk. This construction is a 7 km ground bridge that connects the coastal islands of Naos, Punta Culebra, perico and Flamenco, forming a historic route.

The path was built in 1923 with land taken from the Panama Canal and was intended to break the waves and protect the city, but today it is an entertainment spot for locals and tourists alike as there are many options of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and even a marina for those taking the speedboat tour.

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Visit No S is to know the place that was formerly used as a quarantine stop for immigrants who wanted to enter Panama. In World War II, it was occupied by the US military with the aim of defending the Canal. Today the site is home to the Smithsonian Center for Tropical Research.

Isla Perico guarded the main military structures, such as barracks and storage spaces for weapons and gunpowder. In addition, the place has an interesting structure, as the access street completes 3 large circles before reaching the center, the so-called Newton Battery.

Isla Flamenco has the only free shop located outside the airport, which attracts the attention of tourists, and Punta Culebra is dedicated to the observation of animals and plants with the Punta Culebra Natural Center.

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In addition, the region allows easy access to Puente de las Americas, which until 2004 was the only point of connection between the Americas. The bridge is just over 1.5 km long and rises 117 meters to allow the passage of ships.

All along the way, the visitor has a beautiful view with an overview of the city and other attractions such as the Biodiversity Museum and the Chinese monuments that honor the presence of this nationality in the Panama and take the form of portals, obelisks, and statues.

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In order for you to make the most of your stay in Panama City, the Better Travel Guide recommends that this and other tours be booked with legal companies in the city, such as PANAMA CONNECTION, which offers a complete tour in Portuguese.

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