A complex of seven beautiful waterfalls, local legends and exuberant nature with all the infrastructure makes Parque das Cachoeiras, in Bonito/MS, an unmissable tour for the family.

If you are thinking of spending a few days in Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, and you are preparing an itinerary to enjoy the attractions, you cannot miss visiting the beauties of Parque das Cachoeiras. It is a complex of seven beautiful falls, located approximately 17 kilometers from the city, which guarantee crystal clear baths and a mystical contact with nature.

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This is an unmissable tour to take with the family. The place, besides being beautiful, has an incredible infrastructure to receive tourists. The way to the waterfalls is carried out by a suspended wooden trail, which makes the path very accessible for everyone, including children and the elderly. With about 1800 meters, the trail also has many trees that provide a pleasant umbrella for visitors.

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Between one dive and another in the seven beautiful falls of the Waterfall Park, a guide from the region explains about the local fauna and flora, including the legends and mysteries surrounding the waterfalls.

Right at the first waterfall on the trail – the most famous – the water flows into a rock with a large cavity and visitors take the opportunity to enter behind its fall. According to locals, the wall of water that falls there repels and wards off any evil. Therefore, people take the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing moment and renew their energies, pushing away negative thoughts.

Along the trail there are 7 stops for bathing in waterfalls and natural pools of Rio Mimoso. At Cachoeira da Carretilha, visitors can jump on a zip line, a moment much awaited by the youngest. In addition to the wells with crystalline waters and natural beauty and the local vegetation, there are some species of animals that inhabit the region and can be observed.

Many people also end up getting involved in the atmosphere of peace, in the legends, in the mysticism and in the energy of the beauties of Waterfall Park to meditate in the midst of nature. At a given moment of the tour, the visitor can bow in a gesture of gratitude to the preserved environment and to everything that can be contemplated in this true paradise.

How about finishing at visit to Waterfall Park walk with a little food from the farm? The place has a restaurant that serves a varied menu and a menu that has everything to do with the climate of the forest. Afterwards, you can still relax in a cozy hammock and remember all the incredible moments of a day to keep in memory.  

Photo: Disclosure Sucuri Agency

Photo: Disclosure Sucuri Agency

The group Saint George offers inn in Bonito and receives tourists at the destination, promoting excursions with transfers and tickets to Parque das Cachoeiras, in addition to other attractions of the destination.

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