Lavandário da Colônia Witmarsum: discover this incredible attraction located in Paraná

Tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities where concrete seems to limit your ability to absorb life? THE Paraná could be the solution to your problems. Come with us to see the Lavandário da Colônia Witmarsum, located in Palmeira, in the Campos Gerais region of the state.

“But what is a Laundry?”, everyone asks, with a curious face.

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It is a property dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of lavender (from which the name comes) and aromatic herbs. They are rural lands located in mountainous regions that are dedicated to developing essences and oils that will serve as a basis for the preparation of various types of food products, from ice cream to snacks, in addition to composing seasonings much appreciated by gourmet cuisine.

THE attraction in Paraná highlights even more the role of Lavender nowadays. It is a genus of 47 known species of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is native to the Old World and found in Cape Verde and the Canary Islands; from Europe to North and East Africa, through the Mediterranean, Southwest Asia and India.

Many members of the genus are cultivated extensively in temperate climates as ornamental plants for use in gardens and landscapes, as culinary herbs and also commercially for the extraction of essential oils. The most widely cultivated species, Lavandula angustifolia, is often called lavender, and there is a color that takes its name from the shade of the flowers of this species.

Lavender has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and cosmetics, and "limited clinical trials support the therapeutic use of lavender for pain, hot flashes, and postnatal perineal discomfort."

Witmarsum colony

laundry colonia witmarsum

Photo: Disclosure

The colony where the laundry that interests us is located is 60 kilometers away from Curitiba. With an air of a German city, it features architecture, gastronomy and customs strongly rooted in that country's culture, inherited from German immigrants who came in the 1930s to settle there.

Today the community has a population of two thousand inhabitants. The residents of Curitiba and region are always around enjoying the weekend there. Much of this time is spent enjoying German cuisine.

For those who would love to know details of the colony's history, as well as discover furniture, clothing, images of the time and even walk through some rooms of the Cancela Farm, where the construction of the community began, you should head to the Witmarsum History Museum to find out more. Details.

laundry room

The real stars of Witmarsum colony it's really the lavender growing fields, spread out in nine different types. To get to know them, visitors must pass through the so-called Vale dos Sonhos.

The place is inside Armazém do Campo. On the way from the state capital, visitors pass through stretches full of plantations and worthy of being used in movies. Many interrupt the trip for a few moments, just to photograph the bucolic beauty.

You can visit at any time of the year as there are fields with flowers in the autumn period. Visitors themselves advise to leave their visits for spring between late September and December to get the best experience possible.

At the same time, crops are at their peak and it is already possible to feel the sweet and unmistakable scent of lavender in the air. Nearby, the visitor will also find other types of plants and small lakes.

If you still want to find rare items that can yield a never-before-seen list of gifts, just go to the souvenir shop there. The catalog includes all sorts of items inspired by the properties of lavender, including teas, bath salts, hand cream and body moisturizer. There is also Armazém do Campo, where towels embroidered with the Vale dos Sonhos brand can be found, as well as candles and diffusers based on the aroma of the fields.

dream valley laundry

Photo: Photo: Instagram / @lavandariovaledossonhos

dream valley laundry

Photo: Photo: Instagram / @lavandariovaledossonhos

dream valley laundry

Photo: Photo: Instagram / @lavandariovaledossonhos

dream valley laundry

Photo: Photo: Instagram / @lavandariovaledossonhos

dream valley laundry

Photo: Photo: Instagram / @lavandariovaledossonhos

How to get

The world of lavender is at your fingertips on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 4 pm. The ticket costs R$ 15.00 per person. For an additional R$ 10.00, the visitor can take home a small pot of delicious lavender ice cream.

THE Valley of Dreams can be visited with the same ticket for up to one hour. To take pictures, however, an extra fee of R$ 45.00 must be paid.

To get there from Curitiba by car, just take Rodovia do Café and take BR-376. The route takes approximately 59 minutes to cover 68.6 kilometers.

Cyclists cover the route in 3h52. It is also possible to go with a chauffeur service (Uber or 99). The route costs on average from R$ 50.00 to R$ 64.00.

+ info:

Vale dos Sonhos Laundry
Contact phone: (41) 99724-0477
Instagram: @lavandariovaledossonhos
Facebook: Vale dos Sonhos Lavandário

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