Playful attractions reminiscent of the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry are part of the delicate theme park in the Alsace region. Learn more about the park inspired by “The Little Prince”, in France.

The book "The little Prince” figures at the top of the world's best-seller list. The delicate work of writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, published in 1943, has conquered generations over the years. In addition, it still enchants for its poetic narrative that presents new perspectives on life.

For those who have always wanted to immerse themselves in the universe of the little prince, the park Le Parc du Petit Prince, in the region of Alsace, at France, recreated several scenarios that undeniably refer to the work in a place full of charm and fun.

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How is the Little Prince Park in France?


Photo: Disclosure / Michel Caumes

Opened in 2015, the Pequeno Príncipe-inspired park has 24 hectares and more than 32 themed attractions. In fact, some of them are quite peculiar and make many adults feel like children again. The highlights are two balloons, inspired by the king's planets and the lamplighter, which fly over the beauties of the region, including the Alps and the Black Forest.


Photo: Disclosure / Michel Caumes

One of the balloons reaches 150 meters in height, while the other goes to 35 meters, but entertains visitors aboard a bar with space for up to 15 people. For those who love astronomy and aviation, themes that extol the passions of Exupéry, the Pequeno Príncipe park, in France, is a full plate. So much so that visitors can get to know the original model created by the author in the 40s, the twin-engine Antonov 2.

other attractions

But it's not just the aerial attractions that bring the place to life. Visitors can certainly meet foxes and sheep, interacting with the animals that are part of the book. Tent rides, toboggans, carousel, water fountains to refresh and giant themed swings are other possibilities of entertainment.


Photo: Disclosure / Michel Caumes

In addition, special projection rooms and live performances take place daily at the space. Visiting rose bushes, highlighted in the universe of the work, is also among the options to be enchanted by the Little Prince park. The space also has a small shop to take home souvenirs and a restaurant with some themed goodies.

THE Parc du Petit Prince it's charming, but don't go with expectations of finding something similar to Disney. The park is ideal for younger children, with games that explore sensory experiences. In this way, with simplicity and without megalomanias, the place is a space to live good times and have fun. Proof that “the essential is invisible to the eyes”.


Photo: Disclosure / Michel Caumes

How to get?

Finally, the Parc du Petit Prince (The Little Prince Park in France) is located in the city Ungersheim, in the French region of Alsace. To get there, there are a few options. One of them is to leave strasbourg, the largest city in the Alsace Region, which is approximately 100 kilometers away. There are trains departing from Paris and arrive at strabourg in approximately two hours.

Photo: Disclosure / Michel Caumes

Furthermore, the cities of colmar (35 km), Belfort (50 km) and nancy (175 km), are also possibilities to visit the park inspired by the Little Prince. from the city of Mulhouse, 18 kilometers from the park, buses leave for the park every Saturday and Sunday at 10:25 am in front of the Écomusee d'Alsace.  As it is located on the border with Switzerland, It is also possible to depart from cities such as zurich (145 km) to reach the park.

+ Info
Parc du Petit Prince

Phone: +33 (0) 3 89 62 43 00
Tickets: from 15 euros

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