The beach stands out as one of the most beautiful in the Lagos Region, in Rio de Janeiro

Cable camp, also known as the diving capital, is famous for its wonderful coastline with extremely clear waters. The municipality is part of the charming Lakes Region in the state of Rio de Janeiro and has been receiving more and more tourists who seek to explore the beauties of the region.

THE Forno Beach It is one of the most popular attractions in the city, protected by two imposing rocky walls, the beach has calm waters and is home to a huge amount of marine life such as turtles and some species of fish.

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The access to the Forno Beach It can be done in two ways, the first is by taking a small, easily accessible trail that lasts an average of 15 minutes and starts next to the port of Praia dos Anjos. The second alternative is to pay a taxi boat at the port of Arraial do Cabo that goes straight to the beach. In addition, all the boats that tour the beaches of the city end up passing through the attraction.

If you love to remember your trips with photos, we recommend the first option and make a stop at the viewpoints that you have along the trail, with views of both the Forno Beach as for the Angels.

The beach is approximately 600 meters long with an incredibly blue sea, looks like a large natural pool and is suitable for water sports, especially diving and snorkeling. Despite being more isolated, Forno Beach offers infrastructure for those who visit it, some rustic kiosks offer drinks and some snacks such as fried fish, seafood, drinks and the typical cassava cakes. A much talked about attraction is the floating restaurant in front of the coast.

During the low season, the Forno Beach it usually has a calm movement, with few people doing physical activities, bathing in the sea or just observing the beauties of the region. On the other hand, during the holidays the beach is very busy.

Photo: Mariana Esberard,

Photo: Elen Godoy

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